Why Should you Vape Without Nicotine?

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The world is changing now. Things we called trends a decade ago are just part of our everyday lives. Vaping has become quite widespread around the world. Today we cannot say that vaping is something new and unbelievable. However, the vaping industry still attempts to present something new to the old users and attract new users. Saying this, I mean not only marketing but also real advancements.

Talking about a nicotine-free vape pen (https://vapingdaily.com/nicotine-free-vapes/), we also cannot claim that it is a new development. Rather the opposite. Since the vaping industry came into the market, nicotine-free vaping juices have been available as the alternative to nicotine-containing vape juices or low nicotine contacting substances. Yet, looking through time, most people still use nicotine-containing substances. Why is it happening this way?

Nicotine Addiction

Firstly, because nicotine is a drug, many people tend to get hooked on this drug. Unfortunately, smoking still remains one of the main problems in our world. Even despite the popularity of a healthy lifestyle. Even when you ask a friend, who is a smoker, you can never get a clear answer why they are smoking. That is just a habit and addiction. Unluckily, for most smokers, it is not easy to give up.

Coming back to the idea of no nicotine vape, we must say that the developers’ vision was to leave people beguiled with a vaping pen in the mouth and without a drop of nicotine in the blood. However, it sounds far easier than it is. Looking deeper into the point, we must remember that smoking is a combination of both behavioral and substance addiction. Fighting against one of these components guarantees no success in the other.

The idea of leaving the behavioral element working lies behind the concept of a nicotine-free vape pen. They believed that when a person does have something in the mouth that can puff, it will alleviate the lack of nicotine in the organism. Nicotine-free vape used to be seen as the best solution until it failed. Many people hoped that this would help them to get rid of the nasty habit. However, they had no comprehension that the point was much more profound.

As a result, some of those trying to quit this way did quit, and it was a tremendous success. In addition, some people became dual smokers, which means that they used both nicotine-free vape pens and usual cigarettes. Last but never least, some people give up smoking but become vapers. And even if they are vaping without nicotine, they still continue to have this habit of puffing from time to time, having something in their mouth, and having this behavioral addiction.

Side Effects of Vaping without Nicotine

When some call the last case a success, the others see it as damage as well. That is because nicotine-free vape pens have some side effects too. With time the quality of e liquids is getting better, but there will always exist some percentage of toxicity of the substance. Sometimes such elements as acrylonitrile, propylene oxide or crotonaldehyde can be found in the body of those using a non-nicotine vape.

The worst thing about his particular side effect is that none can control it. When you are buying an e-liquid, you cannot make tests or things like that to check the quality of the substance. That is why it is essential to purchase the substances in specialized vaping shops, which have all the necessary documents, check whether the bottle is not damaged, and check the origin of each particular bottle of liquid you buy. It is also better to avoid purchasing such liquids online or those shipped from other countries. You will have no one and nowhere to complain in such a case.

But for chemicals, the other issue can be the physical outcomes of vaping. One of the most widespread issues is lung and throat irritation. On the one hand, it can happen because of the substances’ chemicals, which can be harmful, as we spoke before. On the other hand, the users sometimes use too high temperatures to modify the devices in the way they give more heat. Then it becomes a reason for such irritation.

The other con of vaping without nicotine is that it can rarely cause lung inflammation. As a result, one can get lung scarring. The other name for this is pulmonary fibrosis. The more damaged your lungs get, the less easy it is for your lungs to work and for you to breathe. Even though this consequence is rare and requires plenty of time to develop to a dangerous scale, you still need to be warned about such a possible outcome.

Positive Effects of Vaping without Nicotine

Talking about the advantages of vaping without nicotine, the first point to mention is the lack of nicotine addiction. Having never tried to smoke and being interested in vaping is the situation when a nicotine-free vape pen will fit best. One can enjoy the benefits of vaporizing without any damage to mental health and acquiring no addiction. At the same time, you will be able to give it up in a while because you will not be hooked on nicotine.

It is also possible to substitute smoking with a non-nicotine vape pen if you just want to get rid of the substance addiction. The next step can be giving up any type of puffing. However, this case requires more work on yourself, more self-discipline, and more nicotine cravings. A nicotine-free vape pen is exactly for you if you are ready to go through this but cannot get rid of the puffing habit.

The last but not the most minor pro of vaping without nicotine is that this type of vaping does not damage your wallet much. It is much cheaper than nicotine-contacting substances and, in a longer perspective, tremendously cheaper than the usual cigarettes. The only thing you need is to choose a vaping device of good quality, which will be at your service for a couple of years without any unpleasant surprises or going out of order.

Summing up, vaping is not the best habit you can acquire. It often damages your health, at least in one of the possible ways, even if it does not contain any nicotine in it. Simultaneously, vaping has been a trend for a while and continues to be popular within some social circles. It is highly impossible that it will outlive cigarettes, but it definitely gives you more choice.

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