What Is The Red Crystal?

For most companies, the commendation of every brand is mandatory to profit and loss. The thing is that the International Committee of the Red Cross sometimes called ICRC brand commendation is necessary to life and death.

For it to complete its mission of preserving humanitarian and medical people on battlefields everywhere in the world. One thing is for sure, the symbol of the red cross must be completely visible and the meanings alongside. The major symbols known that pertain to this are the red cross and the red crescent. Later in December 2005, the organization had brought in a third party called the red crystal.

The red crystal is also known officially as the third protocol emblem, bringing it into the system was regarded as the first modern symbol is seen by the red cross since the red lion and sun were developed in 1923.

The symbol was special and used in Iran and hasn’t been used since the year 1980, although many people still know about it. One time, a man named Sri Lanka tried to introduce the Red Swastika that meant good luck in Hindi, a symbol that also meant the same thing. The idea was rejected.

Later on, after 20 years, the Indians also attempted to bring it in 1977 but the idea was rejected again. Also, for almost 5 decades now, is real has been asking to include the red star of David known to the Israelis as Magen David Adom. This initiative was also rejected.

The red cross has refused to include all these ideas because of a simple reason.

Their reason was well stated and understandable, they said that they don’t want the emblems to become more specific and numerous because these same numerous emblems will later come back to disrupt the safety of the people whom the red cross protects.

Yes, soldiers can protect and help us fight battles and we might feel protected knowing that there are soldiers out there doing their best to protect us, do not forget that the red cross would protect us as they have sworn to.

Although, the small number of marks have just one agenda which is bringing different people from several countries to work together for a particular goal.

When you allow symbols from the red cross to become concealed symbols for the host countries would be to put those symbols at the risk of making those symbols useless.

When things like this happen, instead of developing a neutral ground, they might end up causing hostility.

Red Cross, Red Crescent, And Red Crystal

The IHL only uses this particular emblem to figure out and even conserve medical services in battles or wars.

The emblems are useful for the red cross features and red crescent activities to figure out things.

Using and misusing emblems is obviously described in IHL. The two major uses are their defensive and expressive uses. Used protectively, the emblems are used as a clear symbol in wars frontage protection of medical services, equipment, and some buildings under IHL.

Although it is sometimes made use of for indicative purposes, the emblems are being used by Nationwide societies all over the world to add themselves as those among the international red cross and red crescent activities.

The ICRC and the international federation are given the leverage to use the emblem at any given time.

How Did The Emblem Start-Up?

Presently, the emblems available for use are the red cross, red crescent, and red crystals. Every one of them comes with a different historical background but they all mean the same thing and function the same way.

The very first emblem was introduced n the year 1864, the different governments that were in attendance at the different diplomatic conferences that got the Geneva convention in the same year to be agreed upon that the use of a neutral sign for the medical staff protection needed to be adopted.

While they were contemplating on what to choose, an idea came up, why not just place a white flag and red cross which is the opposite of Switzerland’s neural flag.

This symbol had a way of getting the benefit of being manufactured easily and seen from afar because of its color.

After some years, several national relief foundations started calling themselves red cross societies, and then the emblem started being used in an indicative manner.

The main reason why the conference in 1864 was held was to develop a worldwide neutral and unusual symbol for protection utilized and seen by every other person.

But just more than 12 to 13 years after this conference, during the Russo-Turkish war, the ottoman industry introduced the red crescent as its sign of protection while still adhering to the rules of the red cross.

Persia also was a part of those who introduces their signs, all was recognized by the government in 1929 officially.

This all happened and stayed until 1980 when Iran put down the former Persian symbol, the red lion and sun.

This was done to favor the red crescent. Ever since the 1990s, there have been issues regarding the neutrality of the red cross or red crescent in some tough countries.

Later in 1992, the president at the time of the ICRC summoned the creation of an extra emblem in absence of any national, political, and religious significances.

And then, in the present century, the governments decided to introduce another sign of protection called the red crystal.


In a normal circumstances, the red cross and the red crescent have always been the emblem used in the international red cross and red crescent activities.

These things are used to ensure medical personnel, buildings, and other equipment in a war.

Some countries do not see these symbols as signs of peace because they believe that there are some more stories added to the signs shown here. And so other emblems are what they use to connote peace like the red shield and whichever new one they have introduced.


Firstly I want to use what has been said to answer the question, what is the red crystal?

The red crystal along with other signs like the red cross and red crescent are the symbols of the most famous humanitarian service in the world which is seen under the Geneva convention as a protective symbol for the relief persons.

When two or more people are conversing with each other, there is always a group of persons or just one person that is sending while the others are receiving at every given time of the discussion.

The extent to which the communications are intact and international from one to another relies on whether there will be noise or interference.

When there is a case of the red cross, there might be the presence of noise because the senders or receivers are not seeing what is presently going on the field.

Officials have tried all they can to reduce the noise, but still, whenever they have a case, the noise is always present with them.

Using their clear and understandable symbol, they still go in and their noise is not minimized to a medium.

So also the next one, called red crescent, but the red crystals have been able to minimize those noises made alongside the symbol being raised.

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