What Is Modafresh 200? How Can It Improve in Narcolepsy

In this is fast-paced world no one has the time to eat or even sleep peacefully. This has given rise to social media platforms which shows that people don’t have the time to interact physically with their friends and well-wishers. Thus, face to face conversation has been taken over by Facebook and other such applications. The proverb “Health is Wealth” has been modified where health has become the primary factor subduing the importance of health in our lives.

This has resulted in higher productivity of employees but causing new varieties of disorder which we mostly unknown to the previous generation. In this article, we shall discuss one such disorder which is the result of our own habits and also the change in environment. We are talking about Narcolepsy, most of you haven’t heard the term but trust me it is one of the disorders catching the trend.

Narcolepsy is the condition where people suffer from excessive sleeping, sleeping during the daytime and especially working hours almost like a sleep attack several times. This may seem normal to you but understand it deeply.

Suppose you are working as a worker in a factory suddenly while tightening the screw you fall asleep. You wake up shortly after 20 minutes and find that a heavy was about to damage your head but one of your colleagues arrive at the right moment to save you. A similar example might be given for a driver who suddenly falls asleep, he puts not only his life but also his passenger’s life at risk. The sleeping cycle is severely damaged leading to sudden incidents of sleep for a short span. A normal person works attentively during the day and sleeps at night. Thus, his/her sleep cycle is adjusted in such a manner.

In the few years, narcolepsy has seen a surge mostly in the young generation and working class. The reasons for narcolepsy are both mistakes done by people themselves and change in their lifestyle due to external factors. The normal sleep cycle gets distorted when the person does not sleep during his/her normal sleeping hours or often stresses the nervous activity. Take the example of people working for 16 to 18 hours again from 9 am till 12 midnight or more. Don’t get surprised this is the working hours of employees in private companies during overtime. And again, in the morning they need to reach the office within 9 am. With the COVID pandemic, the situation of these employees has worsened.

Work From Home

As the offices were shut down employees involved in desk jobs were shifted to ‘Work from Home’. This made them living robots working on their laptops from morning till evening and often till midnight. Declaring it ‘Work from Home’ the tech giants didn’t reduce the workload instead pilled them up. Earlier they worked vigorously in their offices but they knew that on returning no more work but relaxation awaits them. But now they are all the time in their home but still secluded from their family. Thus, vulnerability for narcolepsy and other mental disorder has spiked.

Social Media

It is no mystery that social media has become a part of our life. Its users are present in age groups and strata of the society. Some are addicted to the extent that they end up spending more time on social media than connecting with people in real life. Too much exposure to screen light has been proved to affect the sleep cycle. Which eventually makes you a potent candidate for narcolepsy.

What role does Modafresh 200 play?

If you are one of the patients of narcolepsy then do not panic at all and become depressed because you are not alone. There are millions of patients and increasing every day in all parts of the world. What you can do is to get proper treatment under consultation from the doctor. Modafresh 200 is one of the most sought drugs for treating narcolepsy.

The active ingredient in the drug is Modafinil which enhances alertness and activity in the person. This is achieved by increasing the activity in the nervous system by facilitating the transmission of signals in and out of the organs. This prevents the brain from going to rest because messages never stop entering the brain. It keeps the person active and prevents him from falling asleep. The distorted sleep cycle is gradually restored when the person starts sleeping at night and working during the day. But remember not to take the excess of Modafresh 200 as it may lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, severe headache and hypertension.

Narcolepsy is a mental disorder that is caused due to continued damage to the sleeping cycle. Therefore, take Modafresh 200 with patience and perseverance because total relief will take time.

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