What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for You?

What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for You?

Family law is a branch of the legal field that pertains to family issues, specifically issues related to divorce and children. You may require the help of a family law attorney in Atlanta if you or your family require assistance with any legal matter related to these issues. A family law attorney can be immensely helpful when it’s time to fight for your rights.

What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for You?

Atlanta’s top family law attorneys can help you file appropriate documentation with your local county court., find evidence related to your legal issues that will support your rights, and advocate on your behalf. There are three main branches of Georgia family law, and if you’re dealing with issues in any of these subjects, then it may be time to hire an attorney.


The most common reason to hire a family law attorney is when premarital agreements are outlined before marriage. A premarital agreement will protect your assets and properties or will outline stipulations wherein your new spouse can have access to these assets.

Citizenship through marriage is another example of a time when you may need to hire an attorney. In Georgia, it’s possible to gain American citizenship three years after obtaining a green card through marriage. However, you will likely still need the support of a family law attorney to help with your case, especially if your citizenship case requires judge approval.


Divorce is probably the most common reason to hire a lawyer from Norristown Legal who specializes in family law. Divorces address a variety of legal and financial changes in your individual status. You will likely need to hire a lawyer to ensure that you can secure all of the assets you’re entitled to after your divorce, as well as ensure that spousal support will be dispersed fairly.

Division of Property and Assets

If you are the spouse who has the most claim to assets or property, you may assume that you will be able to keep your assets. However, Georgia is an equitable division state, which means that each spouse is entitled to a fair amount of all assets and property that were obtained during the marriage. The judge will look at the circumstances of how these properties and assets were obtained, and then determine the best division.

For example, if a business was started during a marriage, and one spouse used personal assets to help the business start up, then even if that spouse was not an official business owner, they may still be entitled to part of the assets for the business. A lawyer will ensure that the division of these assets is fair, if not equal.


Alimony is another reason why you may need a family law lawyer. Alimony payments are intended to be a temporary arrangement that allows the spouse earning a lower income to maintain their quality of living until they can support themselves.

However, there may be other circumstances related to your marriage, such as adultery, that could impact potential alimony payments. If you have special circumstances that you feel may affect the amount of alimony a spouse must pay, then you may need help to ensure your payments are fair.

Child Custody

Child custody during a divorce can often be the most tense because these arrangements will determine which parent has primary custodianship over a child. In Georgia, child custody is not favored to either parent and will be determined by the best interest of the child, specifically in terms of the parent that will take the best care of the child and be able to provide for the child’s needs. If your child custody arrangement is contentious, a lawyer can be helpful.

Child Support

You may also need a lawyer if you need help receiving child support payments, particularly if your ex-spouse is behind on payments. Your lawyer can help you file legal documents that will allow you to pursue delinquent payments on child support.

Guardianship Alternatives

If you are a non-parent or not biologically related to a child, but you wish to seek custody of that child, you also need the help of a family lawyer. Guardianship alternatives are common for people such as stepparents, grandparents, and godparents.

Other Situations Where You May Need a Family Law Attorney in Atlanta

There may be other situations in Georgia where you will need the help of a family law attorney in Atlanta. For example, abortion law in Georgia is changing every day, and if you require an abortion, you may need the help of a lawyer to reinforce your healthcare rights. You may also need the help of a lawyer for adoption, legitimization of a biological father’s rights, or domestic violence.

A family law attorney in Atlanta can be immensely helpful when you are embroiled in the illegal aspects of situations relating to marriage, divorce, and child custody arrangements. A lawyer can help you support your case and advocate for fair treatment. You may also need a lawyer to fight for your rights related to your health, citizenship, and more.

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