The human body is made of cells that generate energy and help your body function optimally. As your body ages, the energy creation ability of your cells starts decreasing. When external treatment cannot reach the intracellular level, intravenous therapies like NAD therapy can restore the cellular damage and boost the energy creation function of your cells.

The booming infusion therapy market in America has boosted the usage of infusion therapy in San Diego. Every year thousands of people reap the benefits of NAD IV therapy because it merely costs around $125 and $200 for a 1-2 hour NAD IV therapy San Diego

If you want to make an appointment at the therapy center, here are four benefits of NAD+ IV therapy that you must know.

  1. Improved brain function

Every year more than 11000 people suffer from varying forms of brain injuries. Accidents, medical procedures, and aging are some of the significant causes of brain injuries and decreased brain function. NAD+ therapy works at the cellular level and helps to improve your brain function.

Whether you have faced trauma to your head or suffering from degrading brain function due to aging, you should consider getting NAD IV therapy in San Diego to boost your brain function. The treatment helps restore the damaged cells and activate the brain’s neuron function to repair the damaged cells. People who undergo NAD therapy experience enhanced memory function, improved mental clarity, and concentration.

  1. Strengthens Immune system and anti-inflammatory abilities

The human body contains a healthy balance of antioxidants and free radicals. This healthy balance keeps your immune system intact and helps you fight numerous diseases and bacterial infections on your own. Due to aging, medical treatments, and lack of antioxidants, your body’s number of free radicals increases. This increases the levels of free radicals, damages your immune system, and causes inflammation and oxidative stress.

You may contact as they provide NAD IV treatment which helps to maintain the right balance of antioxidants and improves your cellular ability to fight free radicals. It helps to boost your body’s anti-inflammatory abilities and protect your body from numerous diseases.

  1. Increases energy and boosts metabolism

Due to the deterioration of your cells over the years, you suffer from a lack of energy. Other factors like depression, a sedentary lifestyle, and chronic fatigue can further decrease your energy levels. A study published in 2020 stated that depression in adolescents in San Diego is increasing. The NAD+ treatment infuses a coenzyme naturally present in cells. The reinforcement of coenzymes boosts your cells’ energy production and gives you increased energy levels.

The increased energy promotes physical movement, which boosts your metabolism. The improved metabolism helps burn more calories, and if accompanied by a good diet and regular exercise, you can shed those extra pounds of fat quickly.

  1. Restores Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm, your body’s biological clock, dictates your sleep-wake cycle, sleep quality, and energy production. This natural biological clock in your body helps you produce energy.

The NAD+ therapy helps you fight the effects of poor circadian rhythm and avoid any related health problems like mood alterations, depression, daytime sleepiness, and lack of energy.

THE NAD+ IV therapy is undoubtedly an effective therapy to improve your health and wellbeing. The NAD therapy from a certified and trusted therapy center will increase your quality of life, energy levels, and mental health.

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