According to the statistics made by several medical research centers, approximately one-third of students suffer from back pain. It is considered to be one of the most widespread physical problems among youth, and there are several factors that have their share of influence. Moreover, the indicators of students referring to doctors are growing and growing.

During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the complaints because of back pain became even more relevant. The problem is that many people do not pay appropriate attention to this issue, and in the meantime, it may escalate, and struggling with them can become more difficult.

Thus, what are the principal reasons for back pains, what do students do wrong, and how to cope with the problem, so it will never appear again? Quite tough questions, but we have answers to them.

Reasons for Back Pain

The first, and one of the most typical causes of back pain, appears not from the health condition, but from the lifestyle of students. In fact, the sedentary lifestyle, which especially includes studying with books, working on the computer, writing paperwork, and then relaxing by watching TV series, or playing computer games, can be very harmful in adulthood.

Lack of physical activity just “spoils” the musculoskeletal system, and not only back pains, but issues in other body parts may arise.

Furthermore, the posture of the body may also change. It is very important to follow the rule “Keep your back straight” because we can’t even see how we are actually sitting, and watching on screen. Thus, the back pain shifts to the neck, and to the whole head. The issues with the spine can even drive the formation of gibbosity (in brief – a small hump).

The contamination with COVID-19 can also be a major reason for this problem. Doubtless, along with rough coughs, anosmia, loss of taste, and high temperature, patients complain about serious pain in their hands, legs, and spine. It may appear on the 4th day of contamination, and last on average three days.

This pain is the sign of immunity fighting against the virus, which at the same time exhausts the whole body. That is why people find themselves tired, and even unable to get up from their beds.

Recalling the sedentary lifestyle reasons we mentioned above, we would also like to put an emphasis on the fact that after reading this point you are not obliged to go to the first seen gym, take the heaviest barbells, run tens of kilometers, and consider yourself to be physically active. No way, you will be even more exhausted, you will need to refuel yourself, and you may have an occurrence every sportsman hates to have after tough training (but someone may even like it).

It is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and it demonstrates that your body is transforming, leaving its comfort zone. However, it is very important to know your abilities and establish limits because bar lifting is one of the causes of several back injuries. Furthermore, the rehabilitation process may last for a long period of time.

So, students are young and strong, but they also need to keep their dynamics stable, and reasonable!

There is also a minor reason for back pains, and they are related to the weather changes. This topic is rather complicated, and if you want to know more about the effects of climate change on our health.

How to Get Rid of It

As soon as you indicate the main causes of your back pain, you can build up your further recovery plan. However, don’t delay it and treat it seriously to keep yourself in good condition, and don’t visit a trauma surgeon.

  • Be active: yes, you have many tasks and homework. Yes, you have to write a lot of essays and projects. Yes, you are friends with your digital document editor. Nevertheless, do not forget about the external world, and that you have legs for changing your location! Have a walk, meet with friends, go to a cafe on foot, but don’t be completely busy and packed with studying and working. 
  • Maintain posture: try not to sit and look like a question mark. Keep yourself straight, and walk with your head held high. It will give you more confidence, and you will have respect for others!
  • Do sports: go to the gym, enlist for a sports section (from gymnastics to football, from swimming to dancing). Your goal is to support your muscles, be strong, and be eager to do more tasks! You will be a person full of energy, who doesn’t see any limitations (but don’t forget about physical ones – take care)!
  • Sleep well: how many times have you seen that sleeping is a vital part of our qualitative health condition? We would like to repeat that once again, and highlight that in order not to have back pain, get yourself an orthopedic mattress, or fluff a pillow. It is pivotal to sleep on a soft, and relatively plain surface.
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