Sometimes, having spine surgery can be inevitable to help alleviate back pain and your ailment progression. However, the thought of going through surgery can produce different emotions. You might have high hopes that the procedure will go right, but anxiety, fear, and frustration could be overwhelming. All a patient can do before surgery is to consult with Southern pain specialist who can help you in your recovery. They have the experience and expertise to help you overcome any post-operative pain, and they will work with you to create a personalized plan of care that meets your needs.

As per Dr. Lindsay Clark, while you are contemplating going for surgery, it is crucial to identify and understand the pain source. You might be amazed to know that the reason why your back pain is quite different from the source of pain. This is why you need to consult with your doctor or a team of physicians to diagnose appropriately. But how do you prepare yourself for spine or back surgery? 

Preparing yourself for spine surgery.

While you might be nervous about your upcoming spinal surgery, it is crucial to make sure you know all the preparations you need to make for a successful procedure. Equally important is the recovery period where your mobility could be limited. Below are some of the essential considerations:

Maintain a healthy diet.

A healthy diet ensures your body gains the necessary nutrients and vitamins a few days before the surgery. A poor diet may complicate the recovery process, cause inflammation, and consequently, more pain. It is crucial to make the right choice for healthy foods weeks before the surgery.

Replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones will equally prepare you for a successful surgery. Even more, a healthy diet will ensure your body sheds excess weight, which could put more stress on your spine. All these combined will set your body up for a successful surgery and recovery.

Prepare yourself mentally.

Going through surgery produces a series of mixed feelings. It can be scary and stressful and throw your mentality out of balance. As a result, it is essential to prepare yourself mentally, tackle stress, and get in the right mindset for a successful recovery. It is also crucial to consult with your doctor about setting up personal goals and physical therapy after the surgery. All in all, prepare yourself mentally for spine surgery in Mission Viejo, CA.

Pre-surgery preparation.

There are several considerations that you need to make days leading up to your spinal surgery. The high chances are that your doctor will give you instructions and precautions on what to and not do before the operation. This could include:

Stopping medications 

A day or two before the surgery, it might be necessary to stop taking medicines for existing health conditions. Whether they are anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinners, you have to stop taking them before the surgery.

Donate your blood.

You will inevitably lose blood during the surgery. Your doctor might advise you to donate your blood to be available during the day of the surgery. If you have a rare blood type, it will be ready for use in case of excessive blood loss.

Make arrangements with a loved one.

Since your mobility will be limited, it is vital to have your family or a friend by your side during and after the surgery. They will help you out in your recovery and be available when you are ready to go home.

Prep your home.

Even though you will spend a few days in the hospital after the surgery, you will finally have time to go and recover at home. However, you will have difficulty reaching high shelves, challenge bending, or moving around the house. Before you go into the surgery, it is important to prepare your home for spinal recovery. Here is what you can do to ‘recover-proof’ your home;

Put items in an easy-to-reach area.

Following your spine surgery, you might not be able to bend further or reach items that are way above your torso height. Even more, you might need to have days or weeks of bed rest. As a result, you may need to place items within your reach.

Prepare some meals.

It is vital to ensure you are eating healthy after the surgery to ensure your body is healing fast and speed up your recovery. You may need to prepare some easy-to-heat meals days after getting home from the hospital.

Get a toilet raiser.

Your doctor might advise you not to bend deeply around your knees, back, and hips. As a result, a toilet raiser comes in handy to help your toilet seat lift higher.

Get a grabber.

This is a lightweight pole that helps you pick up or retrieve items that you cannot reach easily.

Review your post-surgery medication.

While your body is healing, you will have a combination of medications to follow for a successful recovery. You may need to order your medicine from a pharmacy to avoid hassles after returning home. It is also crucial to monitor any discomfort or side effects from the medication and report to your doctor. Read to know why surgeons are called mister.

With these tips on preparing for spine surgery, you are set up for a smooth surgery and easy recovery. However, you may need to consult with your doctor for custom recommendations on your specific condition. 

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