Spinal Rehabilitation

If at some point in time, you have seriously injured your back, you may have gone through some type of spinal rehabilitation. Your rehab might have been conducted by a physical therapist, or some other specialist you were referred to. But if you are still having to deal with back pain or stiffness and you’re not in a position to return to your usual active life, perhaps you need to try a chiropractor to complete your rehabilitation.

Where a rehabilitation program might miss

A lot of rehabilitation programs are great, they help recovery through the different stages of your injury. Your rehab program will likely include treatment to reduce swelling, manage pain and restore the range of motion you had before your accident or injury. But some programs do not go far enough. They do not help with preventing further injury and you might still have stiffness and pain when the program is done. People also find they still deal with muscle weakness, imbalance, instability and bad posture. Returning to activities like shovelling sand, moving heavy objects, or playing sport is not yet possible. Therefore it is important to either find a program that does help you beyond the first few weeks, or to find an alternative approach. It’s also worth looking at chiropractic treatment or massage therapy Perth.

Having a strong core is important

The midsection or core, which is the area below the chest down to below the pelvis, is the basis of most daily movements whether it be exercise or basic activity. Standing upright uses your core. The muscles in your core help stabilise your spine and enable you to move in a coordinated manner. They also protect the spine. If the muscles deep in your core that help stabilise your spine are weak, then you’re more likely to encounter injury. The other muscles in the core are then working harder trying to adjust because of your lack of stability. Some muscles grow tight and others become weaker, which can also lead to muscle imbalance.

If a person is living with the structural abnormalities caused by muscle imbalance, an injured spine, scar tissue or subluxations, stabiliser muscle function is significantly reduced. With the correct treatment or spinal rehabilitation, you can strengthen the stabiliser muscles, correct misalignment and in turn, reduce pain and stiffness.

Every person is different

Every person is different because each injury is different. Every person’s medical background is different, and how a person responds to treatments like massage therapy Perth is different. How symptoms present, where the symptoms are and preexisting injuries all need to be considered. Age and weight are also big factors. Abnormalities can occur that are specific to that person and a spinal rehabilitation expert will need to take these factors into account when compiling a plan. Whatever the cause, chronic back pain can be reduced. A person suffering from back pain can recover at least some movement and stability with the right program and commitment to their recovery. 

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