CBD is the miracle ingredient of today’s wellness industry. CBD oil has been incorporated into virtually every beauty product category these days- even toothpaste and shaving creams.

And because it provides antioxidants, and anti-stress properties and is an excellent source for reducing inflammation in our bodies – we can’t help but wonder how many uses there are left to uncover with this “wonder” compound.

CBD oil and fast relief CBD muscle rub have many benefits. They have been used for centuries to help with medical problems, including skin issues. CBD can be extracted both in the hemp and cannabis plants, but it’s most often found in marijuana strains because of its high concentration.

CBD-rich weed may hold the secret ingredient we’ve all been looking for when fighting against breakouts.

Is CBD Oil Great for Skin?

Studies have shown that CBD can be great for the skin, especially acne. Acne is mainly caused by a combination of oil production and excess skin cells in pores that dry up. This combo creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive as well.

One study found that CBD may stop the overproduction of your skin cells when applied topically and reduce sebum levels (oil) too. All these things are responsible for causing breakouts or more severe forms of acne like cystic ones. The evidence so far points to its ability to help eliminate this annoyance without using any harsh chemicals.

CBD’s impressive effects on other skin conditions were explored in a study conducted on a group of volunteers. Participants applied CBDfx CBD twice daily for three months, and results showed that it might have the ability to help with skin blemishes caused by inflammation. The natural ingredient also proved effective at boosting elasticity and hydration levels within our epidermis layer – making it an excellent option for those who want to reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles that appear due to dehydration over time.

Researchers found that when topically applying CBD oil (a product containing 99% cannabidiol), not only did participants notice increased moisturization but reduced redness too; furthermore, this treatment appears well-suited for use alongside acne.

Mixing CBD oil with another carrier such as coconut or olive may help treat acne. You can also use essential oils like lavender and peppermint to get rid of your zits. There’s still a lot more research needed before we know how best to use CBD, but here are some ways you may use it to remove acne from your skin.

1.    Reduce Inflammation

CBD oil is more effective for acne treatment than benzoyl peroxide, a common ingredient in many over-the-counter medicines. The oil helps calm inflammation and reduce redness caused by the breakouts without drying out your skin as other ingredients do.

A study found that CBD oils reduce inflammatory cells by triggering anti-inflammatory reactions within cells and stopping cytokines from activating – which are also known contributors to acne.

2.    Controls Excess Oil Production

CBD can reduce sebum production in the skin by stopping the endocannabinoid system from signaling certain activities. In a 2014 study, CBD was found to prevent human cells from producing sebum by making too much oil. This means that it may reduce how oily your face is as well.

What causes some people to have an oily complexion? The increase in sebum production may be due to endogenous cannabinoids. When these endocannabinoids interact with CB2 receptors, they inhibit the lipogenic action and regulate how much sebum is produced.

3.    Control of Acne

CBD is a safe and natural way to combat acne. The agent doesn’t just work as an isolated treatment but can be found in many products that will help keep your skin looking its best from the inside out.

4.    It Works As an Antioxidant

CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect your skin from environmental damage while also improving its appearance over time. It may take some experimenting, but CBD-infused skincare products may be worth adding to your routine if you’re looking for an extra boost in acne protection and anti-aging properties.

A recent study found that CBD can be an effective treatment for skin infections. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of CB2 may help reduce the spread or severity of any bacterial infection, making it a potential cure-all for topical treatments like acne cream.

5.    CBD Oil May Help With Sensitive Skin

With CBD oil, you may be able to enjoy clearer skin, thanks in part to its calming properties. While not only can it soothe your skin and help with returning it to normal, CBD has been shown as an acne-fighting solution that is non-irritating for sensitive areas of our body, such as our face.

6.    Hormonal Balancer

Hormonal imbalances can cause a lot of damage to your body, including affecting the normal functioning of your skin. This could lead to acne or other related issues like dryness due to low sebum production, which recent studies have linked as one potential factor in developing melanoma. 


CBD oil is an excellent tool for your skincare routine, but you need to talk with a dermatologist first. The internet has plenty of trustworthy CBD products that can be used in the morning and night alike. However, there are also risks when buying from unreliable sources, so always make sure it’s safe before handing over your money.

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