In recent years, stress has unfurled in our lives at a rapid rate. A recent survey report conducted by the UK government indicates that seven out of ten people know what stress is. At some point in time in their life, they have experienced its perils. Shockingly, almost 800 million people worldwide have a psychological disorder in one form or the other. Perhaps, many stress cases also go unreported. 

While the governments are actively participating in increasing awareness of it, we still have a long way to go. The inadequate facilities and often the stigma around mental health issues stop people from addressing the issue.

Although nothing can replace professional support, little measures to manage stress can come handily at odd hours. In this article, find seven quick ways that come in handy to calm down everyday anxiety and stress.

1.   Meditation

Our roles and responsibilities demand us to keep cognitive functions and mental agility active throughout the day. Sometimes it is impossible to relax, unwind, or even catch up on dedicated sleep hours. Such a lifestyle often disturbs the body’s natural rhythm leading to hormonal disruption and stress.

Regular meditation and relaxation can reverse this cycle and bring back orderliness in our system. Techniques like deep breathing can increase our mental focus and mindfulness toward our surroundings. Practicing positive visualization can also help you keep mental distress at bay.

2.   CBD and Cannabis

The advent of cannabis in the medical field sparked a revolution. Among several various benefits, cannabis can be an aid for physical and mental relaxation. The THC compound in cannabis binds with several CB receptors of our innate endocannabinoid system to modulate mood.

Cannabidiol, another cannabinoid found in cannabis, integrates with the central nervous system to have a regulatory effect on homeostatic activities. Therefore, it can upregulate several functions like sleep, appetite, mood, pain, and anxiety. Several supportive studies suggest its effectiveness in managing even critical issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and Alzheimer’s.

In the past couple of years, micro-dozing on cannabis has helped users with several ailments. Surprisingly, options like vegan CBD gummies for anxiety can help you discreetly draw immediate benefits.

3.   Journaling and Creative Writing

To scribble down all the disturbing thoughts on a piece of paper may seem trivial. But experts suggest it to be one of the simplest yet most effective means to alleviate stress. Journaling can provide the emotional comfort of shedding compulsive thoughts.

Writing about your emotional state allows you to acknowledge it without any judgment or filter. Acceptance is the basis of dealing with stress, and creative writing can be a vent to let out our feelings.

4.   Herbal Concoction

Nature is a recipient of powerful herbs and spices that offer an immediate solution or a quick fix to anxiety. A recent surge in stress-relieving herbal solutions on the market proves its likeability. Several independent studies and research signify that herbs are usually a safe and natural solution to stress. It is easier to adopt herbs and spices in our lifestyle as they do not impose the risk of dependency or side-effect.

Latest developments suggest lemongrass, curcumin, and holy basil be adaptogens that can help the body adapt better. 

5.   Exercise

It is no surprise that exercise restores the physical balance in your body. But, it is proven to be equally beneficial for mental well-being too. Recent development and studies signify that physical movement suppresses the fear response in your body. It increases the feel-good factor by increasing the feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

An exercise session can subside anxiety for hours, and regular exercise can help alleviate it in the long run. Human physiology demands hard work and toil. Therefore, exercising is essential to reduce stress and energy build-up. A light aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day can increase endorphins that provide runners high to reduce stress.

6.   Food and Nutrition

Some traditional belief systems rely on food energy for healing purposes. The modern-day value may not categorize food as positive or negative, but they talk about its significance in improving vitality. Apart from fulfilling the nutritional reserves, some foods naturally have a soothing effect on our hormonal health.

So a cup of coffee can act as a stimulant and increase your anxiety, while magnesium-rich food can help you relax. A portion of dark chocolate and yogurt can be a great snack to calm down the anxiety jitters.

7.   Psychotherapy

Often when the anxiety hits, it is overwhelming to deal with it. In certain situations, it is better to seek external support or professional help. Sometimes a new perspective is all we need to find a solution to our problems. A psychotherapist usually offers exercises to hone interpersonal and cognitive skills to manage anxiety.

The Bottom Line

Countless internal and external issues could trigger stress mechanisms in a person. The two most critical factors worth attention are its identification and treatment.

Always look for physiological signs. Remember, the earlier treatment can help deal with the issue head-on. Supporting your healing journey with these remedies can help you make it through the situation quicker and better.



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