Pros and Cons of Donating Eggs

For thousands of years, science has always been part of our lives. Science has drastically made an impact on our way of living from the discovery of illnesses, treating them with newfound medicines, and until now and to the foreseeable future, it will continuously evolve and make more changes in our lives, thanks to those who work behind it – the scientists. In a discussion of medicine, well, has certainly made numerous advancements because, at some point, scientists discover more ways to improve health sciences through their rigorous research and experiments.

One of the most notable experiments and discoveries that is now used today is regarding fertility. Most people at some point in their lives, want to start a family or procreate with their mates or partners but unfortunately for some people, they suffer from infertility or the inability to produce a reproductive cell in order to multiply. But fortunately, with the countless studies in health sciences, infertility can be made possible and as well as giving birth!

One well known example for it is via in vitro fertilization. This is when the egg cell and the sperm cell of the partners are clinically combined together and incubated in the lab, then it will be implanted back to the woman for the zygote to continue the growth. Some people opt for surrogacy wherein a still undergoing the process of in vitro but the zygote will be implanted to the surrogate instead.

But besides the said process of reproduction, there is actually another way to or solution to infertility and that is egg donating.

Why Do People Choose to Have an Egg Donor?

Well, since it was already mentioned, egg donation allows a woman who has trouble conceiving to bear a child with their own eggs. Some people are born without ovaries thus making reproduction for them is impossible by default unless they have an egg donor. Some women still want children even if they menopause, other women might not have responded adequately to the hormonal stimulation occurring in their ovaries before, or others might have poor egg qualities or embryo with their IVF attempt before.

Egg donating is quite common in the United States as well as in other European countries. The birth rates for women ages over 40 in these places have increased drastically due to the egg donations they undergo. This process of donation is actually not regulated by law and there are no fixed prices. It just depends on the demand of the client and the donor’s attractiveness.

However, in average, the egg donating procedure which includes hormonal therapy for the ovaries to ensure good quality, regular blood tests, as well as urine tests, the ultrasounds, and the operation – this amounts to $4,000. However, there are some donor who actually receive much more than that

Where do you Find an Egg Donor?

There are agencies that would help partners who want to become parents and are opting for an egg donation who could help them look for a donor that will satisfy the patient’s requirements. Or, they could also just post an advertisement.

What are the Pros and Cons of Egg Donation?

If you are considering having your eggs donated, you may want to consider these pros and cons before you proceed.


  • The compensation of money amounts to a base of $1,000.
  • The health testing, screening of genetics, and the consulting processes are free.
  • It ensures the client to be fertile and can have children.
  • For psychological reasons, it is satisfactory because the donor is helping other people
  • The application is quick and easy


  • Being a donor means that it will take your time to visit the clinic several times in 3 weeks.
  • There are possible side effects during the hormonal course and once the egg is retrieved.
  • There are higher chances of getting unexpected pregnancy after the stimulation of the ovaries.
  • Society would not take kindly to this operation because they will think that donating eggs is immoral and egg donors are judged harshly for it.
  • Remember that donating an egg is not a job and there are some limitations for it.


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