6 Ways to Care for Seniors with Memory Care Issues

What problems can we face as we grow old? Most of us think that it may be wrinkles, reduced eyesight, arthritis, and hearing issues. However, our natural aging process also causes cognitive decline. In serious cases, we refer to the condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, not all memory problems indicate dementia.

Forgetfulness is normal for most of the aged persons. Senior Strong can help you with this problem. As we get older, our brain undergoes some changes. It is one of the reasons for which older individuals take a longer time to learn something new. Mild forgetfulness does not denote Alzheimer’s disease. Normal memory loss may not affect other physical functions of your elderly relatives. However, it may be serious while those aged persons-

  • · Cannot remember how to do their daily activities
  • · Cannot recall the name of a local shop

This type of problem is something to make you worried.

What is Memory Care?

From a broader perspective, memory care refers to long-term care intended for older adults having Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. You can look for senior assisted living homes and communities via Care Concierge that can also help you with the memory care program. The best memory care community uses some special living space for seniors who have memory problems.

Memory care communities enable seniors to lead a lifestyle that they deserve. These communities not only provide living facilities but also offer additional services. Seniors of your family will get a safe living environment.

The role of a family in memory care

Dementia patients can affect the lives of their dear ones. It is not always easy to manage them. This disease also causes stress on relationships between family members. However, without being annoyed at elderly members of your family, you have to understand their memory disorders. You have to be emotionally strong to make your dear ones feel the best.

Seniors with memory loss need dynamic caregiving for all 24 hours. As a family member, you have to learn about your caregiving responsibilities. Granny Nannies of Port Charlotte provides overnight help as well as 24-hour round the clock care for your elderly loved ones

How will you care for seniors who have memory issues?

Educate yourself and your family

Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease is one of the stigmatized conditions, and in medical terms, stigma refers to a person’s social status. It can devalue a person while he has a disorder, like Alzheimer’s.

However, to get out of this situation, you have to educate yourself and encourage others to know about the disease. The lack of knowledge is the biggest causing problem for those who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Create a memory care plan

An organized memory care program is an essential part of proper dementia care, as it is highly important to know how to deal with seniors having serious memory issues. In most cases, pleasant and entertaining activities may reduce their agitation.

Before making a plan, you have to focus on some factors-

  • Likes and dislikes, abilities, interests, and strengths
  • In which times of a day do your dear ones can do his tasks best?
  • Do them enjoy spontaneous activities
  • Give much time for dressing, eating meals, and bathing
  • Daily times for going to bed and waking up

There must be a proper balance of rest and activity to give the best sensation to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Actively empathize seniors

Although your elderly relatives have a memory loss, they can sense your tone and emotions. It is always essential to be conscious of what and how you are saying. Your empathy towards them will give them a soothing sensation. You have to use the right non-verbal cues and body language while conversing with them. Your friendly attitude will be of much help to seniors with memory problems.

Give the ultimate comfort of home environments

You may have searched for Alzheimer’s care facilities for seniors of your family. However, make sure that you have provided them with an at-home environment. An unfamiliar environment may result in negative feelings in these seniors. One of the best tips for you is to keep them smile by hanging some family photos on the surrounding walls. You may also place mementos and other favorite things in their rooms.

Learn new ways to communicate to avoid arguments and frustration

Your words have to be concise and simple. You may need to be repetitive while communicating with seniors who have memory disorders. You can ask questions to let them make the best choice. Get the feedback and interact with them properly.

Change the way of spending quality time together.

Do not let your seniors feel that they are isolated members of a family. When they are in a memory care community, you can make frequent visits. Your co-ordination will be helpful and prevent any intimidating feeling.

As a last resort, seek help of a memory care home

For families who are simply unable to provide proper dementia care, there is always a solution. Dementia care homes exist in all states across the U.S.. There are memory care facilities in Florida and other parts of the east coast, as well as memory care homes in California and other parts of the west coast. Wherever you live, you can always find a facility that will provide a home-like, controlled environment to take care of your loved one with dementia.

Now, you can apply these tips to care for seniors with memory issues, like Alzheimer’s disease. You have to stay positive and stimulate your dear ones to be optimistic. With the right communication techniques and better care, your elderly relatives can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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