Medical Malpractice - What Are the Five Most Common Types of Medical Practice

Are you someone who is thinking of enrolling in a medical school? Are you interested in knowing about the rights and wrongdoings when in the medical field? If you are someone who is interested to know the five most common types of medical malpractice, then you have come to the right article.

It can be said without a doubt that a medical career is one of the most difficult and challenging fields as, besides the intense studies, you have to undergo hundreds of hours of practicing and abiding by all the rules.

Any sort of unintentional slip-up could potentially cause your entire medical career to crumble down to pieces. With that being said, it is important for you to know about medical malpractice so that you can guide others and help yourself stay away from it. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Irresponsible for treat

When you are in the field of medicine and are physically practicing and handling patients, it is extremely important for you to be present and active at all times, as taking care and attending to a patient’s needs is one of the first things that you learn and are told to follow by seniors.

There have been many cases where doctors unintentionally start taking more patients than they can handle at a time which causes mishandling and stress. A few common examples of failure to treat may include giving more time to one patient than the other, releasing a patient too soon or too late, not giving attention and sympathy to patients’ needs such as pain and medicines, and failure to five the appropriate medical tests and examination.



You may not believe this, but this issue/ malpractice is more common than what most doctors would like to accept. As we have mentioned earlier, it is extremely pertinent to stay active and have a close relationship with the patient’s medical history so as not to give the patient the wrong medication and tests.

Misdiagnosis can and will most likely lead to unnecessary medical tests and surgeries that put pressure on the patient’s family in terms of billing and stress. The common cases where misdiagnosis can happen are patients’ inability to recognize clinical signs, delay in referring the patient to a specialist, and giving the patient the option to rely on medications despite obvious physical signs of discomfort that could only be treated with surgery, etc.

If you are suffering the consequences of medical malpractice, then you may want to consider hiring a medical malpractice lawyer in Long Island so that you can keep your license and not face a harsh sentence and suffering.

Prescription errors

It is extremely important to give your patient the right dosage and medication so that the patient does not end up getting addicted to them or, worse, have withdrawal symptoms once the medication time period has ended.

Giving too many or too few medicines can result in allergy, vomiting, pain, anxiety, and even loss of life. Some of the most specific types of drug prescription errors include prescribing the wrong medication, giving too much or too little medicine, ignoring allergic reactions, and failing to recognize the symptoms, signs, and chances of a patient suffering from addiction, overdose, and abuse.

All of these things could happen more often than you may think, as sometimes patients may complain that they need more dosage ” just in case.” However, it is the responsibility of medical practitioners to prescribe relevant, adequate, and safe medicine.

Surgical errors

When you are in training to become a doctor, you will go through endless hours of physical training under the supervision of senior doctors and medical practitioners. However, the issue of surgical errors could arise at any given age and experience as several factors can cause it to occur.

Some of the most common reasons that surgical errors occur are because of doctors’ inactiveness, being under the influence of medicines, depression/ stress of any sort, excessive talking, which leads to distraction, and much more.

When this occurs team of doctors may run the risk of performing surgical errors such as handling the wrong tools and gauze, performing surgery on the wrong patient, performing on the wrong parts, and failing to follow the guide of medication prescribed by other doctors and its symptoms/ effects.

Injuries at childbirth

Delivering a baby can be seen as a strenuous and challenging time as doctors are required to work in an emergency and handle every case with care and attentiveness. Most of the times team of doctors is present with different symptoms when a patient is in delivery, and this could lead to making quick and impulsive decisions.

Most of the common birth injuries occur when there is inadequate prenatal care, improper use of equipment such as forceps, forcing the child and ignoring the pain and pressure caused to the patient, failure to perform a safe and healthy C section, dropping/ shaking or slipping the baby out of hands due to stress and anxiety.

All of these could have a direct effect on your overall medical career as you could be sued, and your license may get suspended. Besides this, if a doctor fails to give necessary information to the mother-patient before the baby is born, such as if the baby’s health is in good condition or if the baby is suffering from Down syndrome or any other abnormality, then this is considered poor medical practice.

The reason why this is important to inform us is so that the child’s mother does not end up going through post-delivery depression and stress, which could put her body at risk and may potentially cause death.


Although the passion and work to become a doctor is quite a lot, it is always important to keep in mind that this field requires a constant state of activity, bravery, and strength.

If you are someone who gets easily frightened and suffer from anxiety issue, then you should consider this field as you do not want to end up having your license taken away due to medical malpractice.

Although there are many other mistakes/ malpractice related to medical, these five are the most common and severe ones.

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