Marijuana Prevalence, Facts, and Medical Usage

Over the years, there have been constant Marijuana controversies between scientists and authorities. These controversies have resulted to the authorities across several regions illegalizing the farming, usage, and possession of Marijuana as harmful. While the so-called drug has been used as medication in the last few decades, the authorities decided to demonize the plant by associating it with myths. In the US, Marijuana is categorized under Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. However, this is all for the benefits of politics and self-interests as science has proved them wrong by conducting fruitful researches regarding the benefits of Marijuana.

Today, Marijuana products are being used to treat various types of diseases, which has resulted in the plant being legalized across some regions. In addition, significant musical, artistic figures like Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, among others, have tried to use their music art to preach out the facts and benefits of using Marijuana. Thus, resulting in uprisings across the world, craving for Marijuana knowledge and legalization. In this article, we will discuss the prevalence of this plant as a drug. Besides, we will describe some of the unknown facts and learn of the absolute truth regarding Marijuana and its medicinal benefits.


Marijuana had remained federally outlawed only to become esoteric worldwide in the 60s. However, many studies show that this was more for political interests than its harm. In 2015, approximately 10% of the US population of 12 years and above confirmed to have tried the drug at least once. In the various conducted Marijuana studies, its prevalence is more common in men than women—especially adolescents and young adults. Despite the plant being illegalized in multiple regions, its popularity has continued to ebb and flow over the centuries.


Marijuana has several components, but the strongest is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. This chemical is the one responsible for the common mind-altering effects of Cannabis. The drug is derived from shredded and crushed leaves, roots, stems, and flowers of the various hemp plants, either Cannabis Sativa or Indica. The drug can either be smoked or ingested to the body through foods or beverages. The drug is also processed into has oil to be used as e-cigars. When smoked, the effects are felt immediately, and they may last for one to three hours. Marijuana ingestion effects are felt after at least an hour, and they may last to at least four hours. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include difficulty in sleeping and eating, irritability, and anxiety.

If you use Marijuana frequently, it is detectable in your body for four up to four weeks of withdrawal. On the other hand, the occasion users can expect the drug to be noticeable in their bodies for up to one week. Some of the physical effects of using Marijuana include increased appetite, bloodshot eyes, increased heart rate, among others. The mental effects of Marijuana are altered sense of time, short-term memory, intensified sound perception, and pleasant sensations. In addition, long-term Marijuana usage has numerous lifetime benefits. These include the regrowth of brain cells. The CBD available in Marijuana from this  Lapeer provisioning center promotes neurogenesis. In addition, Marijuana also assists in homeostasis, a process in which the body maintains a constant internal environment. Lastly, Marijuana is also used in pain management programs to develop proper pain endurance.

Medical Usage

In the US, medical Marijuana is mainly used by the elderly for chronic pains. Marijuana is suitable for endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions that result in chronic pains. The plant is also used as a muscle relaxant for lessening tremors in people who have Parkinson’s disease. Glaucoma and TB are different types of diseases that Marijuana is capable of treating. Researchers are also conducting studies to determine whether Marijuana can treat immune system diseases, mental conditions, cancer, and Cachexia.

One of the active chemicals in the plant known as CBD is also present in the body. The chemical is responsible for memory, pain, movement, and appetite of the body. Thus, Marijuana can therefore be used to reduce anxiety, inflammation, pain, and relax tight muscles. Some of the states that have allowed Marijuana usage are advocating only for medical Marijuana while using it recreationally remains illegal. If you opt to start on medical Marijuana, you must have a written and licensed recommendation. Please discuss this with your physician before starting. Also, it would help if you understood that marijuana laws vary across states, whereby some of the states require the users to have ID cards for medical Marijuana. With the card, you are allowed to buy Marijuana from any dispensary across the US.

In the above exceptional information regarding Marijuana, it is clear that the plant has so many benefits to humans. As the governments are gradually easing the Marijuana usage barriers, there is more hope regarding its legalization across the world. After all, why illegalize nature?

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