6 Advantages of Taking a Short Course in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

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Continuous learning is essential in order to truly thrive in any industry, and the medical industry is no exception. In this industry, preparedness is of vital importance, and this is where getting ACLS certified can come in handy. ACLS or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is a certification course that aims to provide students with skills and knowledge needed to manage any cardiopulmonary emergency when the need arises.

Upon completing the course, students are able to diagnose and treat victims of cardiopulmonary emergencies (e.g. respiratory or cardiac arrest). Given how such emergencies can result in fatal consequences, it definitely pays to be prepared. Below, six advantages of taking a short course in advanced cardiovascular life support.

Improves life saving skills

One of the biggest advantages of taking an ACLS course is, of course, the ability to save another person’s life. Being able to apply the skills you’ve learned during the course to save someone from a near-death experience is a valuable life skill. 

The ACLS course teaches you how to approach critical situations such as cardiac arrest and how to use the advanced medical equipment correctly in order to provide the victim with proper medical care. This can make you feel prepared for emergencies since you’ll know what you need to do when they suddenly strike.

Convenience and ease of access

Other than being a beneficial skill that can help you save a life, another big benefit of taking a short course in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support lies in its convenience. Let’s say that you’re a healthcare provider that needs to be recertified. Nowadays, it is possible for you to apply for ACLS renewal online and complete the course via distance learning. What this essentially means is that you can gain knowledge without the course affecting your current lifestyle or daily schedule. 

This is especially practical and convenient for someone who’s working full-time and doesn’t want (or can’t afford) to lose income so that they can focus on their studying.

Flexibility and affordability

When talking about the benefits of completing a short ACLS course, it’s important to mention how affordable and flexible it is. Most people expect to pay large sums of money to obtain a certification. In reality, it is possible to get an online certification for under $300. 

Given how being qualified can make a difference between life and death, this seems like a small price to pay to be able to save someone’s life. Of course, there are different courses to choose from, which means you can easily find one that suits you best.

Fostering a sense of leadership

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This may sound strange to some, but taking a short ACLS course can also help boost your leadership skills. Think about it – you’re trying to save a person’s life while giving directions to other people. Sometimes, it will involve managing a cardiac arrest following paracetamol and alcohol overdose. Other times, it will mean dealing with a pulmonary arrest where the breathing either stops or is ineffective.

It’s a very complex process, one that requires following certain algorithms and guidelines in order to ensure success. Exposure to situations where you take control and others have to follow your instructions helps strengthen your leadership skills. As a result, you’re able to function more effectively when working as a part of a team. You’re also more confident about your capabilities and feel more comfortable in your role.

A great thing to add to your CV

Another major advantage of ACLS courses is that it’s also going to make you a more medically responsible individual. Being able to respond to a cardiovascular emergency and administer aid to the victim is something that is sought-after by many employers, and an ACLS course is a great thing to add to your CV when applying for a job.

When potential employers look at the resume of someone holding an ACLS certificate, their CV will practically speak for them. It’ll communicate that they care and that they’re compassionate, and that they’re looking for ways to become a better person, and therefore, a better employee.

Career progression and higher pay opportunities

Speaking of how getting ACLS certified will make you a more desirable employee when applying for a new job, progressing your skills will also make you more competent in the eyes of your current employer. 

What this essentially means is that you may get paid higher compared to those who do not hold such a certificate. Sometimes, taking such a course may even entitle you to a higher position, so there’s also a chance of promotion. There may also be employers who offer reimbursements for taking ACLS courses, especially in cases where such certifications are a requirement.

Wrapping up

Completing a short online course brings a plethora of benefits and advantages, and an ACLS course is no exception. Such a course can greatly benefit your career but it can also be of great significance even in non-professional settings.


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