6 Kratom Strains To Increase Your Productivity At Workplace

Kratom is a remarkably versatile plant that you can use in diverse ways. Each one of those ways can be amazingly effective when choosing the right Kratom strain as per your needs. Even though Kratom has been traditionally used for pain relief, it can also serve as a means to remain energized for long hours with the right kind of strains. Just what you need during those seemingly never-ending hours at the office, right? It comes as no surprise that Kratom has earned quite a popularity as a productivity supplement.

So, which strains of Kratom should you rely on to get more productive at work? Here are the six options that you should consider.

1.   White Indo Kratom

Though the White Indo Kratom strain is famous as one of the top quality kratom capsules for pain relief, it is also useful as a mood enhancer. And, taking a small pinch of this Kratom can help you feel energized to work harder. With the presence of 7-hydroxy mitragynine as the main component, this strain is just what you need to kick start your day on an energetic note.

White Indo Kratom might be a great nootropic agent that boosts your cognitive functions. It can keep you more focused and improve your memory skills, which are also crucial aspects of having heightened productivity in the workplace.

2.   Maeng Da

Maeng Da offers quite the punch as a highly potent red Kratom strain. It comes with all the pain-relieving features that Kratom is famous for, along with a stimulating energy boost. In Maeng Da’s case, the best part is that this added burst of energy does not come with unfocused, jittery side effects. A few naturally occurring chemicals like 7-hydroxy mitragynine, mitragynine, and mitaphyline are present in it.

This strain is a lot like the Bali Kratom due to its blend of energy and pain relief. But, to beat the soaring mercury in Indonesia, this strain might offer a more significant kick than Bali in terms of energy. It’s also similar to a red strain, but only more energetic.

3.   Super Green Malay


Green strains, such as Super Green Malay, are popular because they offer the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you can get the pain-relieving and sedative qualities of the red strains, and on the other, you get the euphoria and energy from the white strains.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Super Green Malay manages these twin impacts better than most other strains. Once you try it, you would agree that this one has the proper balance of elements to hit all the right notes. It also remains potent for a longer duration of time than usual.

4.   Yellow Thai Kratom


You can make Yellow Thai Kratom by drying White Thai Kratom. The process changes the impact of the strain and modifies the alkaloid component that it has. As a result, you get a potent, new strain that can impact your productivity levels immensely.

This strain is particularly suited for those days when you feel a little too low to work and carry on with a calm mind. Take a bit of Yellow Thai Kratom in the morning, and it will elevate your mood and give you the energy to get back to work with renewed enthusiasm. So, beat those Monday morning blues with Yellow Thai Kratom.

5.   White Sumatra Kratom


Sumatra Kratom, originating from Southeast Asia, is a white vein Kratom, making it more potent than the red and green variants. There are two ways in which this Kratom can enhance your productivity at the workplace. First off, it boosts your energy and physical stamina, so you will feel more ready to get going to your workplace.

Secondly, it might elevate your psychological mood without the kind of opioid effects you want to avoid. Thus, if you feel low or find it difficult to focus on something, having this herb mixed with tea can help you get your groove back. Chewing the leaves or adding its powder to any liquid also provides you with incredible energy.

6.   Red Borneo Kratom


Red Borneo Kratom has high amounts of Corynoxine B and Corynoxine A, which are both dopamine mediators. Dopamine is the happy hormone that reduces your anxiety and increases your energy levels. This strain is highly potent for positively influencing depression, anxiety, and stress, minus any harmful side effects.

Add a bit of Red Borneo Kratom to your morning cup of tea before you leave for the office, and you’ll notice a change in your energy level. It can reduce hypertension and boost confidence to lead you on to a great day at the office.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to ditch your usual coffee and replace it with any of the strains mentioned above. Make a warm cup of Kratom tea for yourself in the morning and add a bit of honey to it to cut through the bitterness. And get ready for a super-productive day at the office.

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