The student years are a beautiful bouquet of playful youth, exciting experiences, and interesting novelties that will take a lot of energy and brain. And how one wishes to be always cheerful and carefree. But the reality is not as simple as we would like it to be. You need to take care of yourself, and your health. In fact, the student years are also a period when it is easy to ruin your health, earning a lot of ills.

First of all, it concerns those students who have left home and gone to other cities to gain knowledge. There is no mother, who will control your eating and sleeping habits. So you must realize the importance of your new life and know how to save your health, and take care of your physical and mental condition.

The right distribution of time

Improper time management can lead to stressful situations and to the loss of many nerves. Moreover, it is the improper management of time that most often causes (at least indirectly) all the other risks to a student’s health, which we will discuss next. 

And, as they say, problems should be solved as they come. First of all, you should solve more important things and not put them off until the last moment, and different entertainment and meetings with friends can wait. For example, if you are asked to write an essay three days before it is due, you should start writing it immediately.

If you can’t miss that birthday party/concert/travel, then you should find a write my essay for me service instead of writing it in one night with coffee and energy drinks. So there is an opportunity to get a higher grade and save a lot of nerves without sleepless nights. This leads us to…

Healthy Sleep

In order not to feel like a beaten punching bag all day long, you should get a good night’s sleep. And the most valuable sleep is before 12 a.m. So you have to go to bed before midnight. Then you’ll feel awake and nothing will fall out of hand.

How to eat with benefits to the body

Very often a student instead of breakfast prefers to sleep for a few more minutes (especially if instead of sleeping at night was in the club), lunch is replaced by classes and you can eat only in the evening.  From such a meal, the body gets a shock and stress. And as a result of this kind of attitude you get gastritis, fatigue, nervous disorders, and this at best. So, by the end of their studies, most students are faced with stomach pain.

It is very important to eat breakfast. With breakfast, you gain energy for the whole day. A useful and quick meal in the morning can be oatmeal. 

Do not neglect lunch, especially if you forget to eat breakfast. And it’s good if you could find a cafe and eat hot soup instead of cheap street food with soda.

Dinner should be light so that you do not overload your body at night. Try to eat quality food so as not to harm yourself. Do not forget about hygiene and cleanliness. If you do not have soap with you, then alcohol wipes or antiseptics are not in short supply now, and everyone is obliged to carry them with them to avoid different infections and germs.

Entertainment and parties

You can’t imagine being a student without entertainment, too. Sometimes it is even useful to distract from studies with friends in a cafe, go to the movies or just take a walk to release stress, to charge with new forces and positive emotions.

In order not to go crazy…

With entering university, students are bombarded with a tremendous amount of information: 

Often they have to study the material at night, which badly affects their mental state – lack of sleep, irritability, and decreased mental activity. All this undermines the psyche. A period of examination is a period of continuous stress and worrying about each test and exam.

And in order not to go crazy, you need to give your brain a break from Chicago-style citations and all the other obscure things that fill college life – especially freshman year. The easiest and most effective way to do it is to alternate mental and physical activity. Take up some kind of sport that you are closest to. This will help keep the body in shape, which helps to oxygenate all organs, including the brain. Learn to plan your time and not leave everything to the end of the semester.

To keep yourself healthy by the end of your studies, you need to keep an eye on two parts of it, both physical and mental at the same time. So listen to your mother, wash your hands with soap and water, and follow these simple tips. Then you will be able to avoid if not all health risks, then at least most of them.

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