How Essential Oil Candles Work to Improve Your Mood

Needless to tell you that one of the widespread issues in today’s era is depression. And this very mental issue grabs you many other physical and mental health risks as well. Well, in this scenario, staying in contact with nature can be beneficial in terms of attaining peace, calm, and vigor. You just rewind your pleasant memories and you will find many of them connected with nature.

Take a flight to the memory of having a sweet and uplifting smell whether in the garden or kitchen. According to scientists, our senses are connected with the brain neurotransmitters responsible for triggering our emotions, mood, and memories. So, you can take advantage of this very deep connection between scent, feeling, and memories for uplifting both your mind and mood. And that’s why professionals  aromatherapists like Devon Wick consider natural essential oils-filled fragrant candles the best option in terms of improving overall health and wellbeing. Now, let’s prioritize improving your mood with the help of our top choices as essential oils candles. 

Frankincense Essential Oil

The chances are that Frankincense essential oil exists in your favorite daily use soaps, perfumes, or of course in candles. The reason is the oil’s spicy yet fresh aroma, making it a top note ingredient in such products. The oil’s chemical components along with its unique aroma support emotional, physical, mental as well as spiritual health and that’s one of the reasons why the oil is listed among the certified aromatherapy essential oils. Additionally, the oil’s soothing and flavorsome scent activates positivity-inducing brain transmitters and the result is a calming impact throughout the body. A Frankincense candle in your bedroom can spice-up the things by making the atmosphere real romantic. Normally, inhaling Frankincense aroma has no side effects but people with scent allergies should use it with caution.

Anise Star Essential Oil

A candle filled with Anise Star essential oil blows up a scent like that of black licorice – a favorite of many of us. Inhaling the aroma of the oil is shown to help relieve people with bronchitis, flu, and cold, some of the conditions that keep you in a bad mood most of the time. Through aromatherapy, it is believed to be fruitful in improving digestion and muscular aches and pains and thus contributing to attaining a better mood.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

A common organic component among lemon and Orange, “citric acid”,  is considered an uplifter of emotions and spirit. Aromatherapists suggest that regular inhalation of Sweet Orange Essential Oil aroma is shown to be effective in reducing heart rate and anxiety. And a candle is perhaps the best way to benefit from the gift of nature(orange) in terms of aromatherapy. If you plan to make your own DIY essential oil candles and search a list for the purpose, you’ll never end up finding Sweet Orange essential oil there because of its good reputation in the field.

Jasmine Essential Oil

What makes Jasmine essential oil so popular in both aromatherapy and naturopathy is its calming and invigorating, simply, mood-boosting properties.   When emitted out from the candle, the magical aroma of Jasmine essential oil helps soothe the nervous system, restore energy, and uplift mood. It is also suggested that habitually staying in contact with Jasmine fragrance can improve our respiratory system. And the better and of course deeper your breathing pattern, the more you stay in a better mood.


So the bottom line is: candles themselves don’t do anything but it is essential oils in them that help improve your mood. And they do this by targeting the root causes of a bad mood. Also, in case you’re choosing to make your own DIY essential oils candles, then make sure you choose a company that offers 100% pure essential oils at affordable prices so you get the real benefits from the oils and save your time and money alongside. Wishing you the best time with candlelight!

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