Healthland Centriq vs RXNT Pricing And Reviews Comparison

There’s no point beating around the bush, for both these are renowned EHR platforms. Assuming that you might already know the specs and functionalities of HealthlandCentriq and RXNT EHR, we will get straight to the thorough comparison. This HealthlandCentriq vs RXNT comparison is all about their pricing structure and reviews. So, stay tuned to learn astonishing facts about these solutions.

HealthlandCentriq vs RXNT EHR One-on-one Comparison

RXNT Pricing Structure:

RXNT offers an intuitive structure comprising four pricing plans. All these plans are backed by exceptional customer support, 24/7 cloud-based access to the clinical database, and training and implementation services. The vendor offers in-house premium support, too, and for no additional cost. There are both monthly and annual subscription plans with 10% off on the yearly pricing plans of RXNT EHR. Now let’s have a look at the pricing packages.

PM Solution:

It is an ideal package for practitioners looking for an exclusive practice management suite of RXNT EHR. It comes with all the services needed by the front-desk manager for simplifying labor-intensive tasks. This PM solution is quite efficient as it handles the practice management tasks of medical practices with a flick of fingers. It is best known for lessening the probability of errors in administrative processes. This pricing package of RXNT EHR costs only $65 per month per provider.

These are the following vital services covered in this plan:

Medical Billing & Scheduling

Claims & denial management

Online patient bill pay

Appointment reminders

Central billing office module

EHR Solution:

The second pricing plan offered by RXNT is the EHR solution. This is a comprehensive plan that best suits the needs of small practices that just need a platform to manage their EHR workflow. It helps with prescribing, documentation, patient tracking, and more. In addition, this plan is known for boosting patient satisfaction by enhancing and allowing for setting up meaningful patient encounters with reduced screen time. The cost charged by this plan is not more than $85 per month per provider.

The features included in this EHR plan are:


Secure document management

Customizable patient encounters

Online patient portal

ONC-HIT certified

Full Suite:

As the name suggests, it is an all-inclusive platform that covers the features of the packages mentioned above. This full suite package is suitable for organizing the tasks and maximizing the profit generation of large-scale organizations. This plan is known for providing practices with one integrated platform to work with. The cost charged for this pricing plan of RXNT EHR is $150 per month per provider. This feature-rich package streamlines the clinical workflow.

The main modules included in this full suite plan are:

Practice Management

Electronic Health Records


Medical Billing


eRx Solution:

There are some practices that are already using an EHR solution and just want to improve their eRx services. This solution is explicitly designed to enhance the prescribing service offered by the practitioners. It allows for substance-controlled prescriptions. This intuitive plan is affordable, considering the benefits it provides. It serves as the best way to improve patient care services and care outcomes. The price charged by this HIPAA compliant solution is $650 per year and offers medical practices a much better way to prescribe.

These are the features covered by the eRx solution:

Surescripts & DEA-certified

EPCS class II-V meds

Real-time interactions & history

Comprehensive reporting

Patient-specific formularies

HealthlandCentriq Pricing:

Pricing plays a vital role in the HealthlandCentriq Vs RXNT EHR comparison. As mentioned above, RXNT comes with a detailed pricing structure, whereas it is not the case with HealthlandCentriq. Unfortunately, you will not find the official pricing details of HealthlandCentriq on the web. The reason is that the vendor has not shared its pricing details on the Internet. Therefore, the only information you will come across is the pricing structure of HealthlandCentriq is inclusive of the training cost. For all other details, you have to contact the vendor or send in a request for the price quote.

RXNT Reviews:

Reviews tell a whole new story about RXNT EHR and its impressive capabilities. RXNT is backed by excellent reviews that add value to the credibility of this flawless solution. The users share many fantastic points in the reviews of RXNT EHR; by learning them, you will fall in love with this integrated platform. In addition, RXNT enjoys a reasonable user satisfaction rate overall. The key points highlighted in the RXNT EHR reviews are:

  • It allows for secure record-keeping with instant access to a clinical database over the internet.
  • This solution is highly customizable and comes with intuitive administrative tools for effortless task handling.
  • It helps elevate patient care services with quick prescribing and impressive documentation tools.
  • The vendor generates detailed performance reports and highlights the weaknesses of medical practices.
  • Reviews reveal RXNT takes pride in what it does; from its billing module to the EHR solution, all services work at their best to enhance clinical productivity.

HealthlandCentriq Reviews:

Just because the vendor has not listed its pricing structure doesn’t mean it is not suitable for you. The reviews of HealthlandCentriq EHR illustrate that this is a vendor of high potential and is backed by an average customer satisfaction rating. By reading the reviews of HealthlandCentriq EHR, you will come across many significant facts and intuitive capabilities this vendor holds for you. So, let’s get to the crux of the HealthlandCentriq EHR reviews. :

  • It arranges all the tasks in priority order and displays them on the customizable dashboard so the providers can see which tasks are still unattended.
  • It allows putting favorite features in quick access, so care professionals don’t have to worry about searching them during patient encounters.
  • As for practice management, this wholesome software simplifies routine tasks like employee task scheduling, handling payrolls, etc.
  • It smoothly handles all payment concerns by using its robust billing module.
  • Reviews show HealthlandCentriq EHR integrates with labs to fasten up the process of issuing tests and receiving lab results for effective diagnosis.
  • The solution offers tailored to fit features and addresses the unique needs of all medical practices.

Reach out to us, and we’ll help you choose the most suitable solution out of these two exceptional vendors.

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