How far are you willing to go to achieve your beauty ideals? Hopefully, you’re sticking with healthy and safe beauty practices that aren’t harmful to your body.

While safe beauty routines are important, there are some aspects to a beauty routine that can make you beautiful and healthier. Here are some of those routines:

  1. Be gentle with your cleansing and makeup routine

Whenever you clean your face or apply makeup to your body, be gentle. You should find a great quality face cleanser to do so. Don’t exfoliate too harshly or too frequently, and make sure to be gentle when applying makeup or shaving the wispy hairs on your face.

Even when you’re only shaving tiny, almost invisible hairs, each razor stroke scrapes your skin. If you’re using a multi-blade razor, each pass is multiplied by however many blades you’re using. If you’re going to use a wet razor to shave the hairs on your body, you’re better off using a single-blade safety razor.

Another thing to be cautious of is beauty tools that can cause damage either on their own or when used improperly. For instance, be careful when curling your hair with a flat iron. Curling irons are useful, but they get extremely hot and can burn your skin. Other tools like heated eyelash curlers are generally safe to use.

  1. Start a Pilates routine

Not all beauty is aesthetic; sometimes the way you carry yourself determines your beauty. When your body is stronger and healthier, you feel good, and that good feeling translates to a confidence that is tangible to others.

Pilates can help you attain that higher level of beauty by making your body stronger, which will boost your confidence and alter the way you carry yourself. However, Pilates isn’t just another strength training routine. It actually forces your body to work symmetrically, which strengthens your weaker muscles while improving coordination, balance, and power.

  1. Start a yoga routine

Similar to Pilates, yoga is another practice that develops overall wellbeing and strength. However, unlike Pilates, yoga is designed to support a better flow of energy through the body by utilizing specific poses (asanas) in a specific order for a certain length of time.

Just like Pilates, yoga will make you healthier from the inside out, which will cause you to carry yourself better and you’ll just glow. Adopting yoga as part of your healthy lifestyle will be a game changer.

  1. Focus on nutrition, specifically collagen

Nutrition plays a major role in beauty. The human body relies on food to continually rebuild itself at the cellular level. Food might taste good, but it’s ultimately the body’s main source of fuel.

Having healthy skin is a foundational element when you’re focusing on beauty. Certain nutritional elements are required to build healthy skin, especially collagen.

Collagen is a protein produced by your body that helps skin retain elasticity. It’s what articular cartilage is made of, which covers the ends of joints and bones to support smooth movement.

Unfortunately, collagen production starts to break down in the body when you get older, especially in those with osteoarthritis. The thought is if you can get more collagen into your body, it will be used to regrow cartilage. However, that hasn’t been proven.

As collagen production slows down, that’s when skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Joints also become worn and are more prone to problems like arthritis and various  injuries.

So, where can you get more collagen? You can buy collagen supplements, but it’s important to fully research the manufacturer and product beforehand. Not all nutritional supplements are high-quality and you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Studies do support collagen supplements for improving wrinkles, but more studies are needed to make definitive statements regarding rebuilding cartilage.

  1. Use Ayurvedic beauty products 

Ayurvedic beauty products are designed to include only edible ingredients. Skin is the body’s largest organ and it happens to be on the outside and exposed. Although skin serves as layers of protection, it’s highly porous and anything you rub into your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Many ingredients can be toxic, and some people react to these chemicals more than others. The idea behind Ayurvedic makeup is that you’ll only rub edible ingredients into your skin. For instance, turmeric is a popular ingredient.

What sets Ayurvedic makeup apart is that the ingredients are specially formulated for various skin types. Once you know your dosha, or skin type, you’ll be able to find the right makeup for your skin.

Beauty and health are connected

You can’t have beauty without health, so it’s important to focus on your wellbeing. If beauty is your goal, it’s achievable by taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

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