5 Tips For Reducing Symptoms Of Hay Fever

Hay fever is one of the most irritating and frustrating ailments that many of us experience. For those who suffer from hay fever, with the advent of the summer comes the pain of congestion, itchy eyes and headaches. Throw in the awful effects of sleepless nights and you have a recipe for misery. Whilst eliminating hay fever entirely is not possible, there are many medicines you can take and behaviours that you can adopt in order to reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Here we offer you five tips for reducing the symptoms of hay fever so that you can focus on enjoying life in the sun and with those you love without the irritation and frustration of hay fever getting in the way.

  1. Find relief

When it comes to fighting the effects of hay fever, it is important to have a good allergy relief medication in your arsenal. Treatment such as Telfast is easy to take in tablet form and gets to work quickly and effectively. Being a non-drowsy antihistamine means that Telfast is fine to take at work, during social occasions and by those over the age of 12. It is invaluable in your fight for freedom from hay fever symptoms,

  1. Protect your eyes

Wearing sunglasses, particularly the wrap-around type that offer your eyes more protection, can help to shield your eyes from the pollen in the air that acts as an irritant to the eyes and the nasal passages. If you wear contact lenses this is of particular importance because the pollen can become attached to your lenses and then stay in your eyes and irritate them for a long period of time. Your eye will naturally react to eliminate the pollen and this will lead to the rejection of your lenses, meaning that you will need to put your fingers to your eyes, and this will lead to greater irritation. On the whole, a pair of prescription sunglasses might offer the best solution.

  1. Shower often

If spending time outdoors, it is important to make sure that you change your clothes and take a shower when you go back inside. Pollen from the outside environment can attach to your clothes and will then be present in and around your home. Equally, pollen can attach itself to the hair and skin, so showering after a period of time outside is also beneficial.

  1. Vacuum your home

Even though you may take a shower when you come in from outside, keep your windows closed on windy summer days and ensure you are wearing freshly laundered clothes, it is pretty much impossible to prevent pollen and dust from collecting around your home. Ensuring that you vacuum your home on a regular basis will eliminate a lot of the pollen and dust that naturally gathers in your living environment. Don’t forget about bedding and your mattress. Keeping these clean and free of dust and pollen is vital when it comes to reducing the symptoms of hay fever.

  1. Think about what you eat

Some of the things that we eat and drink can exacerbate the symptoms of hay fever. Alcohol, coffee and chocolate all contain histamines that worsen the symptoms of hay fever. Dairy products encourage the production of mucus, and this can cause increased blockages and irritation in the nose and throat.

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