3 Unexpected Dental Causes For Snoring

Snoring while sleeping has become a prevailing catastrophe for many people, with an estimate of 80 million people in North America being in the category. Snoring impairs the sleep quality of the people in the house and that of the person snoring. However, there’s hope as dentists can treat the snoring problem. The info below acquaints you with the dental causes of snoring and how dentists can treat and stop the condition.

What Is Snoring?

When living with a person that snores, many people find it annoying. Nonetheless, there’s a need to embrace snoring as an opportunity for screening as it pinpoints some underlying issues. There are multiple causes of snoring, like sleep apnea, but many people don’t understand what snoring is.

Snoring happens as a result of blockage of the soft tissues in the mouth, nose, or throat. The blocking causes forceful vibrations, commonly known as snores. Some people occasionally snore after excessive drinking or changing their sleeping style. Thus, you need to have your snoring problem examined and rectified if it’s sleep apnea. Other known causes of snoring are excess body weight and sleeping sedatives or pills. If you’re looking for help with your snoring problem, contact sleepclinicservices.com. They can help you find the cause of your snoring and get you on the path to a better night’s sleep.

3 Dental Causes of Snoring

There are dental causes that cause snoring, and they are highlighted below:

Tooth Grinding

Many people suffer from tooth grinding, hence waking up with sore teeth and tight jaws. Jaw misalignment is a chief dental culprit for teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding needs immediate attention as it can cause dental or teeth damage leading to unbearable headaches, jaw aches, and snoring. The snoring will disrupt your sleep and peace while affecting your loved ones. Your dentist will introduce you to a mouthguard that protects your mouth and teeth during your sleep, reducing snoring.

Wisdom Teeth

People with wisdom teeth are prone to suffer from an infection called pericoronitis, a condition that causes people to sleep with their mouths open. The condition is also present with people who have small mouths and whose wisdom teeth erupted partially. The partial eruption cause gum tenderness, impaction, and swelling.

People suffering from gum tenderness or bad breath should visit the dentist who will examine the wisdom teeth and remove them. The white teeth removal will, consequently, help eliminate pericoronitis, which helps lower the snoring possibility.

The Temporomandibular Joint

The temporomandibular joint connects your skull and jaw. The connection makes talking and chewing easier and manageable. However, conditions like asthma, trauma, tension, abnormal joint movement, and stress can cause temporomandibular disorder. The disorder causes discomfort and jaw swelling leading to unbearable snoring as it forces the tongue back in the mouth, blocking the airways. Airway blocking is the chief culprit for snoring.

How Do Dentists Treat Snoring?

The cause of your snoring determines the remedy that suits you. However, your dentist will probably recommend a nose strip or devices to help maintain your jaws in position as you sleep. A snoring dentist has extensive experience treating sleep apnea, temporomandibular joint disorder, sleeping disorders, and white teeth removal to fix the snoring problem.

Before administering treatment, your dentist will enroll you through a couple of tests, including a polysomnogram to monitor your snoring problem. In some instances, you will have to sleep in a hospital to have the dentists observe your sleep patterns and blood flow. After observing and affirming your snoring root cause, dentists will be subject to either oral appliances or a CPAP device.

How to Identify A Dentist to Treat Your Snoring Problem

A special investigation is necessary when looking for a dentist to examine and treat your snoring problem. The appointment you book will be different from other dental checkup-focused appointments. Thus, ensure to research for available dentistry offering snoring treatment in your locale. Reviews and testimonials from other patients will enable your decision.

Examine the dentist’s honesty, dependability, knowledge, and helpfulness when reviewing the testimonials. The idea is to settle for a dentist with a proven track record of helping people reduce and manage their snoring problems.

Beauty and peace of mind are what snoring treatment offers loved ones and yourself. Therefore, establish available snoring dentists in your locale and scrutinize them to identify the most dependable. The above guideline will aid your decision as you choose a dentist to handle your needs.

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