Cucumber Health Benefits and Side Effects

Cucumbers belong to the family of gourd, but more than that, they provide numerous health benefits that many of you may not probably know yet. Most people know that cucumbers offer a refreshing and mouthwatering taste due to its high amount of water content. For that reason, cucumbers can also aid in mitigating dehydration. Besides, they are delightful to consume during hot weather.

Among the many misconceptions about the cucumber is that it is a vegetable, which is not the case. Many people usually used cucumbers on their recipes. However, they are fruits. Other people also used cucumbers as a staple to their beauty regimen, and thus, beauty products also include them in their ingredients.

Moreover, cucumbers contain essential nutrients that are great for the body. Most importantly, they are low in sodium and bad calories, cholesterol, and fat.

List of health benefits

Like most vegetables and fruits, adding cucumbers to your diet can boost your health. Surprisingly, cucumber fruits have wide-ranging advantages from cleaning the toxins out from the body to controlling the blood sugar level. With that said, here are a few of the health advantages that you can get from eating cucumbers.

  • Cucumbers can keep you hydrated

When you cut a cucumber, you will notice its watery quality. It is because one piece of cucumber contains more than 95% of H2O or water. So, when you have an 8-ounce of cucumber fruit, the water content would be over 7-ounce or around two hundred twenty-four point something milliliters.

  • Cucumbers prevent stomach upset

Due to cucumbers’ rich water content packed with insoluble fiber skin, movement through the body’s digestive tract is faster and trouble-free. Thus, cucumbers help prevent stomach upset, like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

  • Cucumbers promote a healthy heart

Another nutrient that cucumbers are rich in is potassium. One cup of cucumber contains 152-milligram of potassium that can help in alleviating the blood pressure. Studies showed that the higher the potassium consumption, the lesser the chances of a stroke, and possibly, lowering the risks of all cardiovascular diseases.

So, adding cucumbers in your diet is the easiest way to start boosting up your potassium intake. Therefore, promoting a healthy heart.

  • Cucumbers can provide relief from pain

Cucumbers also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements, such as the flavonoids and tannins. Flavonoids and tannins are both polyphenols, which control free radicals. That being so, cucumbers can provide relief to the body from any pain. A study revealed that cucumbers are also great for headaches.

  • Cucumbers improve urinary tract and kidney health

The seeds of a cucumber fruit have cooling properties and are also a notable water pill or diuretic. By saying so, cucumbers can increase the production of fluid, and thus, the boosts urine flow. That said, the body gets rid of excess water, body salt, and other toxins in the body. Therefore, improving and keeping your urinary tract health, and so, your kidney.

  • Cucumbers protect your skin

The juice of the cucumber fruit is not only mouthwatering but nutritious and skin-friendly. Cucumbers have mucoprotective properties that help in relieving pain and inflammation. They also have anti-acne effects. Hence, cucumbers are the demulcent agent used in anti-acne topical solutions, such as creams and lotions.

Cucumbers also showed impressive results as an effective agent against wrinkles and in protecting the skin from drastic changes due to aging. Hence, you can see cucumbers included in the ingredients of anti-wrinkle products.

  • Cucumbers can reduce the risks of cancer

Cucumbers are rich in flavonoids, which help in reducing the risks of any cancer. They are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that help in shielding free radicals, which can cause damage to the cells and metallic ions in the body.

The cucumber fruit also has another polyphenol element, called the lignans, which showed significant results in reducing the risks of cancers. Other nutrients in the cucumber plant are the cucurbitacins that also include essential properties for anti-cancer. Cucurbitacins impede the development of cancer cells and survival.

  • Cucumbers can get rid of bacteria causing bad breath

Bacteria can cause bad breath. The high-water content and fiber properties of the cucumber increase the production of the saliva in the mouth that can help get rid or wash away the bacteria causing bad breath.

  • Cucumbers support brain health

Apart from all the anti-inflammatory substances mentioned, cucumbers also contain fisetin. It is another polyphenol element from the flavonoid present in the cucumber. In a recent study, fisetin plays a vital role in the support of brain health. In another study, fisetin plays a vital role in supporting brain health. Additionally, fisetin also helps in maintaining the cognitive function of individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Cucumbers boost bone health

Cucumbers also boost bone health, as aside from polyphenols, they also have vitamin K. This nutrient is responsible for keeping the bone healthy and improving the body’s absorption of calcium, vital for maintaining bone health. A cup of the cucumber provides 22% of the recommended amount of vitamin K.

  • Cucumbers can manage weight

With cucumbers full-packed content of fiber and polyphenol, they can help to manage weight issues. The cucumber fruit can aid in producing a good bowel movement with its rich fiber content, and thus, keeping your weight adequately healthy. You can add cucumbers on your salad or in your drinks.

Risks and side effects

Nonetheless, consuming more than the suggested intake of cucumbers can cause side effects, leading to health risks. On the other hand, issues raised about cucumbers raised with the use of pesticides. With that said, listed below are the side effects and health-related risks of excessively eating or consuming more cucumbers than the recommended intake.

  • Body functioning imbalance

When taken in the recommended amount, cucumbers can help in hydration and improving urinary tract health. However, overeating them will cause distressing side effects.

Due to its diuretic property with its high-water content, consuming more cucumbers can increase the frequency of urinating that will result in higher chances of losing more fluid. Losing fluids mean creating an imbalance of the functioning process in the body that can lead to dehydration and other health-related risks.

  • Releasing harmful free radicals

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When consumed in the right amount, the free radicals get blocked, which leads to a healthy immune system. Otherwise, harmful free radicals get released in the body, causing damage to the body cells. So, increasing the chances of skin problems, cancers, and others.

  • Hamper kidney functions

The potassium content in cucumbers provides adequate health benefits when taken appropriately. If not, it will result in impeding kidney functions that can lead to renal failure and higher chances of other health problems in the heart and nervous system.

  • Risks for toxins

Among the many health benefits of cucumbers is the cucurbitacin, but excess intake of this property can lead to serious side effects. Eating more cucumbers than the required amount may cause toxins in the body instead of washing away the toxins out from the body.

  • Allergic reactions

Some individuals may also be allergic to cucumbers. Study shows that some people are allergic to certain vegetables, fruits, and food, such as melons and chamomile tea, among many others. When a person is allergic to the foods mentioned, they are also most likely allergic to cucumbers.

Other cucumbers many contain pesticides that are harmful to the body. So, it is advisable that you should always get the organic ones. If you are also having respiratory problems, experts recommended not to eat or consume cucumbers, as it may worsen the condition.

Is cucumber skin healthy?

Yes, the skin of the cucumber is healthy. Hence, cucumbers are a great source of dietary fiber that can aid in reducing all types of stomach upset, such as constipation and diarrhea. In some cases, cucumbers also provide protection against colorectal cancers or colon cancers. Furthermore, cucumbers can help in maintaining your weight.

Why we should not eat cucumber at night?

Consuming cucumbers at night in large amounts will make you feel bloated and disturb yourself. Eating them before going to sleep or overeating them at night will interrupt during your sleep as you will have the urge to urinate due to the high-water content of cucumbers. This is why you must take cucumbers accordingly.

Is it good to eat cucumber every day?

Yes, it is good to eat cucumber every day. Cucumbers contain full-packed of nutrients, vitamins, and other health benefits that your body needs. So, eating a cucumber every day can help your bowel movements and keep your skin healthy, among many other advantages it offers. However, you must eat cucumbers based on the required daily intake.

Do cucumbers cause gas?

Cucumbers are among the popular fruits that cause gas. The cucurbitacin in the body can cause stomach upset when taken more than the recommended serving. Hence, experts would always recommend consuming cucumbers according to the required daily intake. Overeating can lead to stomach problems. Otherwise, cucumbers are great for keeping a healthy stomach.


With the recommended daily intake, cucumbers can offer extensive health benefits, which include adequate hydration, cancer prevention, weight management, bone health, and a healthy heart, among many other health advantages.

Overeating or overconsumption of cucumbers may result in discomforting side effects, and thus, higher health risks. So, eat in moderation.

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