With the COVID-19 pandemic making even the simplest activities a risk to one’s physical health, people may feel discouraged about attending in-person services, such as couples therapy. 

However, these services are often invaluable for people who want to improve or maintain a relationship with their partner, either to have someone listen in on problems or for each person to find a way to solve their marital issues. 

Especially during a pandemic, online therapy can be the safest and most convenient option for couples to begin counseling. Finding an online therapist can be the first step.

Before you find a therapist who fits your needs, think about what kind of therapy can help you overcome any potential issues. 

If you need more resources, consider visiting BetterHelp for more information on salvaging relationships. One such example is couple’s therapy, but you may not know what to expect if you never experienced an online session before.

For curious couples, let us explain how couples therapy works online so you’re fully informed when making your decision.


In-person couples therapy requires both partners to get themselves ready to leave their house in a timely fashion and schedule the time needed to drive to and back from the therapy session so they’re physically present at the same time and place. 

In contrast, online couples therapy only asks its clients to find anywhere they feel comfortable, such as their home or even in separate locations, which can reduce commute time and help with scheduling. 

Couples can also be in the same space, or they can enroll in the session separately if they feel most comfortable being away from their partner. Some people feel more comfortable, and therefore are more likely, to be honest, and vulnerable, in their own space, maybe wearing casual clothes or petting their dog. 

Having more control over one’s natural environment can help make online therapy sessions work well. 


Various mental health apps and websites, such as BetterHelp, offer inexpensive options for virtual therapy. 

No matter which site you choose, do your due diligence when choosing a therapist for your needs. For example, you may want to choose someone who is a licensed marriage and family therapist, as they have seen many clients come to them about relationship problems. 

Couples who do not click with their therapists might become frustrated or leap to short-term solutions. Take the time to find a therapist who fits in with you and your relationship. An experienced practitioner may help in isolating specific problems in the relationship that can be fixed through hard work from both sides. 

Online therapy helps you be exposed to a wide array of therapists, a selection that may not be available in your local area. Having more resources than are physically available to you can only help you find the perfect online therapist.


Even before you choose a therapist right for you, consult with them, either through their website or by getting their contact details, on the specific price of the session. 

For instance, one session can range from $50 to $150 depending on the therapist’s experience and education. 

Other programs may come at a higher cost but could be equipped with additional features, such as a live chat, online classes, and online classes. Some apps and websites may provide online information at no cost, such as articles and email programs. 

Does online couple’s therapy work for you?

Although in-person couples therapy might help a therapist read your body language with more accuracy, online couples therapy can even be a good start to finding an in-person session, if you decide that it will work better for you. As the pandemic continues, the online option may also be the safest way of managing your relationship without exposing yourself and others to COVID-19. 

Thinking about any kind of therapy is a good sign. So long as you and your partner utilize all the resources at your disposal, overcoming your relationship hurdles may become a viable goal. 

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