What Are the Most Common Body Shapes?

Health is an irreplaceable blessing. A person with good health is capable of doing anything. Health is not merely physical health, but it includes mental and emotional stability, too. Human mental health is a significant concern as it promotes overall body fitness. The human body shape provides an appearance and also acts as a predictor of many health issues. Get your body shape determined through the Body shape calculator. Different body shapes have other body specifications. Following are the top common body shapes:

  • Apple body shape

The apple’s body shape is like an apple’s appearance, as the name defines it. In this body type, most of the fat is accumulate don the stomach area, and the person has a large protruding belly. This body shape is mostly seen in males. That’s why they have more chances of cardiovascular diseases.

In this body shape, the fat surrounds the body’s visceral organs, making them poorly connected with the blood supply. Insulin resistance is a common side effect in this case. That’s why it is more prone to chronic heart diseases. The Body type calculator is a useful tool for slightly overweight persons. They can assess their body shape and the risk of illnesses in the initial stage and do modifications.

  • Pear body shape

The lower body part is fatty and bulky in this body shape. It is a standard body shape seen in females. It is a beautiful shape, and many dresses go best with it. The problem can occur if the fat in the lower area increases continuously. The fat in this area is a predictor of hormonal; imbalances that can lead to many hormonal issues.

  • Athletic body shape

The athletic body shape is like a rectangle figure. In this body type, the shoulders and the bust have not had much difference in size, thus providing a refined look. It is seen mostly in athletes who do heavy workouts or have a long exercise regimen. The overall body workout for a long time makes their body shape like this.

  • Hourglass body shape

The hourglass body shape is the curviest and is considered sexy for females. This body shape is perfect for skin-fit clothes that can be of any shape. The weight gain in this body shape is least predictable as fat can accumulate in any body part.

  • Body shape calculator

How can the body shape be calculated? How can a body type calculator help in finding the body type? The body shape calculation can be performed through waist and hip measurements. The wait-to-hip ratio help to find the shape of a person. What body shape am I calculator or shape calculator in simple words, provides the waist-to-hip ratio, which is then compared with the ratio ranges of all prominent body types. You do not need to find the values of other shapes as a full-body shape calculator also provides this information on the web page.

Compare the values to get your body type. The calculation is simple and one click away from you. You need to enter the measurement values and enter. You can keep this in your cell phone as well for quick access.

  • Role of diet and exercise in body shaping

Body shaping is a significant concern for health-conscious people, especially females. Women take great care of their bodies and remain in the maintenance of them. If you feel to modify your body shape like to lose weight and excess fat, then a healthy diet is the best way possible. A healthy diet is not a crash diet that some people do. Crash diets are a harmful way of losing weight as it only targets the body’s fluid content.

After completing the diet, the person again gains weight, making the whole process unworthy and wasteful. If you determine your body shape from a body shape calculator and find that it is not healthy, then diet and exercise are key to modifying it. A balanced diet includes all five major food groups with variety and moderation. It loses the body’s fat content and increases the lean portion to make the body a healthier and fuller body shape. For specific body part shape changes, exercise can help like the butt workout, arm workout, and leg workout.

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