Does CBD Vape Juice Get You High?

Upon its appearance, vapable CBD succeeded in catching the attention of many experienced and beginner vapers. More and more people are trying numerous CBD products available on the market, but one of the most used ones is vape juices, for sure.

So, what are the benefits and effects of CBD that make it so popular right now?

Namely, it offers a broad set of beneficial properties for the body and mind while having no psychological effects. This is also the main reason why people opt for CBD. However, here we’ll talk in more detail about this and see whether that’s true.

About CBD

Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD, is just one of many cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. Furthermore, cannabinoids can be completely different, even if they all come from cannabis. Thus, people often consider CBD to have the same effects as Delta-9 only because they both come from the same plant.

However, different cannabinoids offer different properties, as they don’t have the same chemical properties or molecular structures. So, it’s wrong to consider all cannabinoids the same.

When talking about CBD, its THC levels are very low, so it doesn’t have the same effect as when taking Delta-9 or Delta-8 THC. However, they still share some similarities, which are usually connected to the health benefits they provide to their users.

As CBD is among the favorite and most used cannabinoids, it comes in a variety of products. Some people prefer taking their CBD by using oils and tinctures, while others go for edibles and pills. However, the most famous method of using CBD is vaping.

The Benefits of Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD comes with its own set of benefits and effects. First of all, many CBD vapers point out the health benefits CBD has.

Namely, CBD can positively affect the overall well-being and tackle many diseases and issues our body deals with every day.  As CBD has a small THC percentage, that’s enough to improve mood, alleviate anxiety and depression, and aid when coping with stress.

Additionally, CBD is also useful for combating disorders like PTSD and OCD, as it calms and relaxes the mind. Furthermore, CBD can deal with numerous issues appearing throughout the entire body, so it can also be used to reduce the effects of chronic pain, inflammation, and other problems causing discomfort.

The biggest upsides CBD has to offer are connected to more severe conditions. People suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and cancer have all found CBD to be very helpful.

It makes their daily lives much better and more comfortable, as CBD helps with the intensity, frequency, and duration of all symptoms connected to these conditions. It also helps combat side-effects during their treatments.

However, you don’t have to suffer from a condition to experience the benefits of CBD, and the majority of vapers enjoy their daily dose of CBD simply because they like the effect. For many, having a CBD vape session is a great way to unwind and relax after a stressful day.

Another great advantage that comes with vaping CBD is its convenience. Vaping is very practical, requires minimal preparation, and compatible. Vape pens are small and portable so that you can enjoy your vape anytime, anywhere.

The Effects of Vaping CBD

Finally, besides its list of benefits, CBD is popular because of its effect on vapers. Many people opt for vaping CBD because it’s the fastest way to get CBD into the bloodstream and feel the effects. Other methods need up to an hour to work while vaping is almost instantaneous. This is great for anyone dealing with pain, as it alleviates it in the fastest possible way.

Next, vaping CBD offers a calming and therapeutic sensation, completely relaxing the body and giving it a much-needed rest. But, as CBD has very low THC levels, it’s not psychoactive. This means that CBD can’t get you high, and you can’t expect it to give you the “stoned” effect.

Furthermore, overdosing with CBD is impossible, as there are not enough THC levels that can have any serious consequences. So, even if consuming an entire bottle at once, you still won’t get high from it. However, dosing is recommended by everyone to find the perfect amount your body responds to well.


To summarize, CBD does have some mild effects, such as improving mood and lowering anxiety. However, it doesn’t have enough THC content to have more serious psychoactive effects, and it can’t get anyone high by any method, including vaping.

However, vaping CBD is the preferred method by many, as it’s the fastest way to get CBD into the bloodstream and get the beneficial properties of CBD in the most efficient way.

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