There has been a lot of buzz around CBD lately. The fact that it has many health benefits and can be used as medicine to treat various issues contributed to it getting global recognition and increased overall demand. CBD cartridges are probably the most popular CBD product currently available.

Now, the question is, what’s the best way to consume CBD to get the most out of it? Are CBD cartridges and vaping the best options for taking your CBD daily dosage?

We’re here to get to the bottom of this, but first, we need to deal with the concept of bioavailability.


Our endocannabinoid system is responsible for the absorption of CBD and the delivery of its beneficial effects. However, the substance first needs to enter our bloodstream, which is a process known as bioavailability.

When absorbed into our bloodstream, it is then delivered to the various parts of our body, organs, skin, etc. Still, depending on how you “take” your CBD, the amount your body absorbs may vary quite drastically. The process of pharmacokinetics is fundamental to mention here.

Through the process of pharmacokinetics, the body is processing the material that we provide it with. This includes absorption and the elimination of substances that are provided, and depending on the form of entry of substances, the levels of absorption may vary.

Styles of CBD consumption

There are five major ways we can introduce CBD into our bodies. Each one of them has different products specially adapted to be used in a particular style. They are:

  • Oral – Pills, capsules, oils, and edibles;
  • Inhaled – Vaping, smoking, nebulizing;
  • Sublingual – Drops, oral and nasal spray;
  • Transdermal – Patches (Similar to Nicotine patches);
  • Intravenous – Injections (Hospital use only);

Many of these don’t seem appealing, but they are all legitimate options for CBD consumption, but the products are designed for specific consumption methods, and you should keep that in mind when buying them.

Now the question is, which approach is the most effective for the use of CBD? Some of these are specially designed for specific conditions (like injections and patches). The most popular and most effective way to consume CBD is still vaping, and there are quite a few reasons why this is the case.

Why is vaping the best choice?

Inhaling CBD offers the highest level of absorption out of all the options we have at the moment. The traditional way to inhale substances is to smoke them. The substance is burnt and inhaled in the form of smoke. While this is effective, it takes a toll on the lungs, damaging them in the process and potentially causing illness and, in extreme cases, death.

Vaping, on the other hand, functions quite differently. Instead of burning the substance’s primary source, the liquid form is heated until it turns to vapor, carrying CBD to the lungs and subsequently absorbed into the bloodstream. Being that there are no bad gases (like carbon monoxide) included in this process, there are no adverse effects on the lungs like there are from inhaling burned substances.

When it comes to absorption, vaping has one of the highest CBD absorption percentages out of all possible consumption methods. Some studies suggest that it’s somewhere between 34-46%, while others claim that the ratio is as high as 56%.

CBD cartridges are refills for vaping pens and vaporizers, and, due to the reasons listed above, they have become the default standard of vaping for CBD and other substances.

Another critical factor that contributed to the popularity of CBD use through vaping is the cost. Being that vaping offers a very high absorption rate compared to all other forms of CBD consumption and that CBD cartridges’ price is quite reasonable, we, as they say, get the most bang for our buck. It is also the most sustainable way of using CBD as smaller percentages of the substance are wasted through vaping.


We’re still new to vaping as a society, and the scientific community is still keeping its eyes open and conducting long-term studies to see how prolonged vaping impacts our health. Still, there are no red flags that indicated that vaping is dangerous as a long-term habit, especially if done in moderation.

Furthermore, it does not create any second-hand hazards the way smoke does. This means that it is relatively safe to vape CBD (or tobacco for that matter) inside public places and crowded areas as the smell isn’t bad, and there are no second-hand consequences for the people that surround you.

We hope this overview of CBD bioavailability and its consumption through vaping helps you understand how it got so popular. Keep working on improving your health and check out our other guides related to CBD and vaping!

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