When to Increase or Decrease Your CBD Dosage?

Introduction: Determining the proper CBD dosage

CBD is one of the miracles of nature that serves as a natural medicine for many around the world who struggle with various ailments from insomnia to chronic pain. It plays a significant role in the medical cannabis industry across legalized states and has proven effective with minimal side effects. However, determining the proper dosage can be tricky, and here are some tips for maintaining a sensible routine.

Increase when you’re in pain or need to sleep

Theory cannabis is a Massachusetts dispensary that specializes in promoting wellness products derived from the natural cannabis plant. They are focused on small batches with unique genetics and this means that you can get strains with higher CBD than THC which is more ideal for patients with chronic insomnia or pain. They carry an impressive range of flower, concentrates, and infused products that contain the potent properties of this medicinal plant that has been used for centuries. 

It is all for the benefit of those seeking to nullify pain and sleeplessness or simply relax after a long day and address common issues like headaches. When you’re feeling pain in your muscles such as back or neck pain then this is the perfect time to increase your CBD dosage. The most effective way to get incredible relief is through ingestion but there are other ways to medicate such as smoking, vaping, or topical uses. You can apply it directly to the problem area for immediate relief and it’s recommended to use a generous amount for the best results.

Decrease when the Pain subsides or in the morning

CBD has a tendency to stay in the body for a while and can build up over time so you will reap the rewards of medicinal effects for days after use. This is especially true if you are a patient that takes higher doses. The chemical doesn’t have any intoxicating effects and is essentially nature’s non-harmful version of a more potent Tylenol. It has the potential to reduce inflammation, but it can also make you very tired if you take too much. 

If you plan on driving or you have to focus on something intently then it’s not recommended that you take large doses before such activities. Gain insight into the various doses and side effects here and you’ll be able to properly manage your medication. If you’re not experiencing much pain then that’s a good time to reduce the dosage and it’s even good to take days off so that you can reduce your tolerance. This will increase the effects of CBD on the brain when you really need it most. It is ideally taken during the early evening, but an interesting way to circumvent the way it makes you feel tired is to put some in your morning coffee. This ensures that you still get a boost but have an undercurrent of pain relief to start the day!

Increase before or after vigorous activities

Athletes have been known to utilize CBD far more nowadays because of its wonderful ability to counteract pain in a natural way. It has some impressive properties that help to loosen the muscles and decrease inflammation associated with exercise. Some use it before training, after, or both and you have to decide what is right for your body in the end. You definitely want to increase the dosage if you’re engaging in vigorous activities because it will help to counteract the stress exerted on your body. 

It can even be taken before a nice long casual walk to give more endurance. One more notable time to increase your intake is if you’re feeling stress or anxiety which is often caused by pushing yourself too hard in work or athletic tasks. Professional athletes have to deal with both physical and psychological stress factors that CBD can address with tremendous results in the proper dosage.

Conclusion: It takes time to determine your individual CBD routine

Your body size will play a huge role in how much you need to dose and it’s important to take note of any conflicting medications. Generally, it’s friendly for any regimen, highly flexible, and non-addictive. CBD is versatile and effective, but giving yourself the proper doses at the right times will yield the best results overall so take these tips into consideration before using!

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