5 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life

If pain, performance anxiety, or stress is your great hindrance in the bedroom, then cannabis is here to help. Recent research into this natural herb reveals its therapeutic properties from easing pain to treating depression, cramps, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

What many people don’t know is that cannabis is also a great sex-drive booster. It intensifies sensation, improves orgasm, relieves pain,  reduces stress and anxiety. These added to its medicinal value will no doubt heighten your sex life.

Besides, you can buy cannabis online and enjoy the different varieties that enhance sex. So, instead of using other enhances, cannabis offers better effects without causing any side effects.

That said, let’s look at how it works.

1. Cannabis for Enhanced Orgasm in Women:

According to a recent study, cannabis plays a vital role in improving orgasm in women. The researchers investigated the link between using cannabis before sex and the intensity of orgasm. In the study, the first group used cannabis before having sex, the second group used it but before having sex, and the control group didn’t use it completely.

The results revealed that the participants who used cannabis generally enjoyed better sex. They experienced less friction and pain. Researchers also observed that there is a close relationship between cannabis and women’s satisfaction. Participants who used cannabis before having sex were more likely to have a satisfactory orgasm than those in other groups.

When you take weed, either by smoking or eating edibles, you’ll enjoy more intense and long-lasting orgasms. However, this level of satisfaction can vary from person to person. It can depend on the choice of strain or amounts of cannabis you consume before having sex.

2. Cannabis Can Increase Your Sexual Desire

There’s a common stereotype that portrays cannabis users as lazy. Well, that’s not true. People weed smokers tend to have more sex. And that’s because cannabis is believed to increase your sexual desire. Scientific studies reveal that cannabis impacts the areas of your body responsible for improved sexual arousal.

Research indicates that there is a correlation between cannabis use, and it adds up to 20% more sex. The researchers from Stanford University in California examined data from over 50,000 participants, including both men and women. They concluded that cannabis doesn’t reduce libido or reduce sexual desire.

Another study discovered that up to 68% of women who used marijuana before sex enjoyed a better sex experience.

Also, the cannabinoids in cannabis (CBD and THC), are known to work with the endocannabinoids in your body. It allows them to suppress or trigger body reactions. A study on animals shows that THC stimulates CB1 receptors that affect sexual response.

Cannabis is gaining a reputation as a libido booster that may improve your sexual experience. Proponents claim that it calms your nerves, and improves touch sensitivity, thus enhancing your sexual desire.

3. Cannabis May Help Reduce Sex-Induced Stress and Anxiety

Cannabis is a great solution for fighting stress and anxiety. Cannabinoids in cannabis interact with cannabinoid receptors which are part of your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to control the immune system, nervous system, and various body organs. The effect is reduced stress and anxiety in your brain. That’s what makes cannabis effective in enhancing your sex life by relaxing and calming the brain.

To find out cannabis’s effects in relieving stress, researchers investigated the effects of THC on stress which is the active component of cannabis. They discovered that low doses of THC significantly reduced stress  which is Potential Benefits of delta-8-THC. Calming your brain allows you to relax and focus on enjoying sex.

Also, CBD is a superb mood enhancer. Research reveals that by easing stress and anxiety, CBD can boost your mood for romance. The relaxation it provides reduces stresses and worries which can prevent a pleasurable experience.

4. Cannabis Can Provide Relief from Pain During Sex

Most women experience pain during intercourse. A lack of enough vaginal lubrication mostly causes pain. Dyspareunia or sex pain can affect your sexual relationship with your partner. Adverse emotional effects accompany physical pain.

Some of the ways women can improve the sexual experience is using sexual lubricants, increasing foreplay, or becoming more relaxed. Fortunately, cannabis can help since it’s a good pain reliever, provides relaxation, and can be topically applied to lubricate the vulva.

The good thing about topicals is that they are not psychoactive. That’s because it bypasses the liver, but you still enjoy the full benefits of cannabis. Smoking cannabis will deliver the relaxation effects allowing you to focus on enhancing the experience.

5. Cannabis May Enhance Foreplay

Foreplay is crucial before intercourse as it prepares your mind and body. Cannabis lube improves sensation and provides extra lubrication. They help to enhance arousal, reduce anxiety and pain. Cannabis-infused will make the clitoris more sensitive and the vulva and vagina wet, allowing smooth penetration.

Furthermore, cannabis improves blood flow and repair tissue damage in your genitals. THC plays a vital role in easing pain and relaxing the tissues. With little pain and easy penetration, you’ll experience enhanced sex drive.

The cannabinoid receptors found in the vulva, vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus affects your response to pain and pleasure during sex. These receptors play a crucial role in boosting your libido and reaching climax.

CBD is also known to improve erection in men. That’s because CBD enhances nerve sensation and blood flow to the male organ. It enhances foreplay which contributes to the overall sexual pleasure you enjoy.

Things You Should Do Before Using Cannabis in The Bedroom

While cannabis is a great sex enhancer, there are some things you need to do right to heighten the experience.

Here are the three main factors to keep in mind:

●      Use Quality Cannabis Products

Of course, not all cannabis products are equal. Buying any cannabis product you come across is wrong. You need to do your research to make sure that the product is ideal for boosting your sex life.Furthermore, all your cannabis-infused products should be from a trusted dealer and should be tested with an independent lab.

●      Identify A Suitable Dose

Cannabis effects affect everyone differently. That’s because your brain interacts with the cannabinoids uniquely as determined by your genetics. This also means there is no specific amount that you should take.

The best way is to start with a low dose and increase gradually. Try a low dose and keep increasing for more effects if you don’t feel better. But you can always go back to a lower dose whenever you feel worse.

●      Use Cannabis A few Minutes Before Sex:

Cannabis doesn’t necessarily act immediately when you consume it. Whether you’re smoking, taking it orally, or using a lubricant, you must give it time. Applying it 1 hr before going to the bedroom will allow the effects to kick in well.


If you’re wondering how marijuana can boost your sex life, then these five ways cannabis and better sex life relates has shed some light.

Although there is still limited research on how cannabis improves sex is limited, the many anecdotal evidence shows its potential. It can help improve your libido, orgasm, and arousal.

More studies into the subject in the future will help reveal exactly how cannabis works to improve sex. If you want to improve your bedroom game with cannabis, then this is the best place to start. Now you know how it works, and you can go ahead to try it. Just make sure to consult an expert to understand how to use it well for better effects.

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