Benefits Of Onion To The Hair

Onion is a popular cooking ingredient known for its strong smell that could make the person slicing it tears up. Now, they have been able to place onion in another aspect of life. Onion is very beneficial for hair health.

Research has been able to discover the properties of onion that make it good for hair health.

It possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial features that make it good to help your hair grow. It does more than that though, it helps to improve the hair appearance for the user.

This article covers the benefits of onion when it is applied to your hair. Onion juice is good for the hair.

Benefits Of Onion Juice To The Hair

  1. To Help Enhance The Growth Of Hair

Although these features of onion that help the hair improve in both growth and texture have recently been discovered, it is still effective.

Through this research, they have been able to create an onion shampoo. They had to take about 100 grams of fresh onion and then cut them into shackles.

They were able to achieve this by using a food processor to cut the onion into several parts.

After the chopping, they took the small pieces of onion they had and poured them into a muslin cloth so they can get the onion extract out.

The onion extract that was gotten was included in a shampoo made with coconut, castor, and eucalyptus oils. They also made it with different cleaners.

During the study, they used the whole mixture to apply to a person’s scalp for some time and then they saw that it didn’t use any negative reaction for the person. During the study, they saw that the onion shampoo would give every strand on your hair more nutrients and nourishment.

The onion shampoo could also help the hair and the scalp to stay moisturized with hair growth being enhanced.

Something about this procedure is that it can act as your shampoo, what we mean is that with the extract you got from the onion juice, you can get your shampoo and use it at home.

The problem here is that most people believe that this extract would cause their hair to smell. Well, it wouldn’t make your hair smell, don’t be worried.

You might think that when you do this to your hair and go to your office or a party, everyone would look at you in a weird manner because your hair oozes like onions.

This wouldn’t happen because you are given an option to use fragrances like lemon juice to stop the hair from smelling.

The hair did not smell like onions when the scientist that discovered this used it.

  1. To Stop Hair Graying

There hasn’t been any solid evidence or scientific discovery that agrees with the fact that onion is good for reversing your hair graying.

There are a lot of home remedies put in place that has been able to approve the discovery that says onion extract can reduce the gray color appearing on your hair.

One reason why onion is very good to apply on the hair is that one of its components known as catalase is an antioxidant.

It is strong enough to take out or reduce the hydrogen peroxide that has resided in the roots of your hair. Why does it do all of this? well, hydrogen peroxide causes hair to gray, onion helps to stop it.

The home remedies for this particular ingredient are far better than the ones you buy. For you to enjoy the benefits, we have a step-by-step process that will help you create your homemade onion treatments.

Take some onion juice and mix it with the lemon juice. The lemon juice has to be one spoon smaller than the number of onions you pour in.

After mixing the lemon and onion together, put it on your scalp, and make sure it does around your head.

Make sure that the hair and scalp sink in this mixture for half an hour. After the whole application, make sure you use shampoo so the whole thing doesn’t smell.

If you can not apply this mixture on your hair or scalp with your fingertips, then using a cotton pad would be good in this instance too.

  1. For Moisture And Revitalization Of Dry And Brittle Hair

Onion on its own is filled with a lot of properties that make it suitable to deal with hair dryness and strand brittleness.

Some of the components that work for this purpose are flavonoids. They work in this instance because they are known to have properties that are known to be good for hair growth and the widening of blood vessels.

They are anti-inflammatory, they also work as antioxidants and vasodilators. They all work to make your hair grow or improve the blood flow in Your scalp so that your hair can grow smoothly with healthy features.

From what we have seen, there are hardly any hair products with onion as the major component on the market. Some of them are available but they are very scarce.

With the help of these scarce products, you can get to enjoy the benefits that onion has to offer your hair.

  1. To Reduce The Itching In Your Scalp

As we have said before, onion has a component that makes it anti-inflammatory, this is what makes it work as a means to deal with hair or scalp itching.

When onion extracts are added to other natural ingredients, they are used to calm the scalp.

Some combinations that could be useful in this aspect are onion mixed with honey for instance. Honey is known to work on human hair too.

Mixing with carrier oils like olive oil with onion juice could be a very suitable combination because it is part of the best way to apply it to your hair.

Coconut oil, like juice, and onion juice mixed is also a good way to clean up your hair using the onion remedy.

Any of the combos listed above would work magic. You don’t have to apply any of them and leave them on your hair for a long time. They are effective after 30 minutes, you can wash them off with shampoo.

  1. It Helps To Treat Alopecia

Alopecia areata as it is popularly known is a very bad hair condition that could make a person suffer hair loss like a rat chopped bread. Losing your hair in different parts on the head is what Alopecia causes.

The study that proved that onion juice is able to work on alopecia was carried out in 2018.

Imagine suffering from such a problem that makes your hair look so scattered.

It was said that when the onion juice was applied to the hair continually, the hair strands began to function properly and the scalp was healthy again and began to produce healthy hair.

After a period of using onion juice on your hair, according to the researchers, your hair would be free from this condition.

  1. It Works To Kill Dandruff

Based on the properties of onion juice, it has been deemed as an ingredient that could kill infections.

This is because of the antimicrobial and antifungal components that it has.

Because of a particular fungus, most people start to get infected and then experience dandruff.

This is why the antifungal properties of onion can be seen as a very effective dandruff killer.

Now, we don’t have much information on how strong the onion is with dandruff. We know that onion should not be your first choice if the dandruff is severe.

Onion juice can be used if for instance you just have it come and go once in a while, nothing too serious.

Also, onion juice can be mixed with a lot of natural remedies to help fight dandruff.

The first mixture is with fenugreek and onion juice. The fenugreek juice should be grinded and added to an onion juice with water to turn into a paste. You can apply this mixture to your hair and scalp then rinse it off after half an hour.

The next would be with aloe Vera gel and onion juice. This isn’t hard to figure out, aloe Vera gel is poured into the onion juice as a mixture then rubbed on the hair, and left for some minutes before it is finally taken off.

Your hair might ooze from using the onion juice mixture. This is something that can happen. It might not also happen but there is a way to fix it if it does. Shampoo and apple cider vinegar is used to rinse it off.

How To Make An Onion Juice

The onion juice is used to enhance the scalp and increase the circulation of blood in the scalp.

It is also used to nourish the scalp and fight any issues in the scalp. It is very beneficial to the hair.

How To Prepare

  • Take an onion from your onion basket in the kitchen. Peel off the back of the onion, use the blender to pulpit.
  • Pour the pulp into a thin cloth or pass it through a metal sieve so that you can get the juice from it. As you strain the juice, you have no onion bits left inside of it.
  • Instead of going through all of this stress, you can just blend the onion using a normal blender used for vegetables.

How Often The Mixture Should Be Applied

  • This treatment can be applied to your hair or scalp three times every week or even if you are not consistent, make sure you use it twice a week.
  • This mixture would give your hair a very obvious change before two months.

How To Make Honey And Onion Hair Pack

When you mix onion and honey, the mixture would help you add luster to your hair and then help you to keep the moisture in your hair and your scalp to help it from drying out.

When you mix honey and onion juice, it helps to boost hair growth too.

How To Prepare

Take two spoons filled with the onion juice that you have, take the honey, fill up a spoon and then mix it while stirring.

How Often Should The Mixture Be Applied

Make sure you follow this routine twice every week. This mixture would show you results after using it the first time.

You have to keep using it because it would bring better results before two months.

How To Mix Olive Oil And Onion Juice

Olive oil is a perfect oil to use for the mixture because it also has properties that make it nourish your hair properly.

It is also good for anti-dandruff issues and it also works well with onion juice. Mixing both of these ingredients or substances would help to condition your hair and improve hair growth.

How To Prepare

First, you would fill two spoons with onion juice and then pour them into a bowl.

A spoon of olive oil would then go in afterward. This mixture has to be done properly.

How Often Should The Mixture Be Applied

This treatment would be more effective if you do it at least three times a week.

The mixture would give you results in a month if it is used regularly. Make sure you don’t go below two times a week.

Wrapping Up

Just as we have learned from the article, onion is very beneficial to the hair in many ways.

It isn’t only used for hair growth, it can kill a lot of infections that affect the hair and the scalp.

It helps to reduce dandruff that affects the hair and anything that is known to stunt hair growth.

One thing about these natural hair remedies like onion is that the remedies or recipes can be done well by anyone at home.

What this means is that it is very simple to get the onion juice for yourself so you don’t have to stress while looking for products that contain onion.

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