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If you have ever suffered tooth loss, you would know the uncomfortability and compromised chewing that you might have. 

The lack of chewing ability due to tooth loss affects one’s health choices. You are not able to chew properly, therefore, compromising your nutritional diet and health. This ultimately affects your nutritional status therefore not making you acquire the necessary nutrients required. 

Mobile dentures that fit eight and perfectly are essential and prevent any ill health consequences that might result from poor denture fitting. 

But, what exactly do mobile dentures do?

Dentures aim in restoring the natural appearance of the teeth by replacing the presence of missing teeth in the mouth. Mobile dentures are not fixed; neither do they have any supporting element. 

Mobile dentures sit on the teeth and the gum, and they are easily removable after use. Mobile dentures aim to improve the appearance of the face. When you have missing teeth for an extended period, it ultimately changes your facial appearance. The appearance of the cheeks and lips is restored using dentures. 

Mobile dentures make you able to laugh and smile without restriction. Cleaning the dentures and gums with a gentle toothbrush is required daily to ensure that plaque does not build upon the dentures thus destroying them. 

Dentures are not the most comfortable to eat with, but they are a feasible option to fix restorative components that sit on healthy teeth or implants. The lack of teeth on extended surfaces also affects speaking. Following the application of dentures, a time of readjustment is required, during which resolve and exercise are essential.

After having dentures for a while, you will be able to get used to them as they fit perfectly on the teeth. Mobile dentures ensure that the patient can remove and wear the dentures depending on their frequency and need. 

There are two different types of mobile dentures:

  • Partial dentures 

These are half dentures that seek to cover only a partial surface of the jaw. Therefore, they sit alongside the patient’s teeth. They aim in fixing particular teeth spaces on the jaw without fully covering the entire jawline. Partial dentures are held together by clasps, which are placed either permanently or temporarily as the gums and teeth heal. 

  • Complete dentures

These are full dentures that cover either the top or bottom jaw. They offer full coverage and are suitable for patients who have lost a lot of teeth. A lot of elderly people normally have complete dentures. These have an acrylic base and porcelain or plastic teeth and are held together by a seal. 

Advantages of mobile dentures

Mobile dentures are one of the fast and easy dental procedures that aim to restore the dental formula. Upon booking a dental appointment, the dentist will take impressions of the teeth. Thereafter, the impressions are then fashioned into dentures which will be customized into a model. The model is then placed into an articulator where the wax is curved therefore creating a denture. 

Installing mobile dentures is also cost-effective as it offers a cheaper option for dental restoration. The impressions have transgressed into modern technologies with recommendations for innovative and new ways of developing dentures to be more inclusive. 

Several patients however opt for no dentures. This however generally affects the shape of their teeth and might lead to several infections of the gums due to the formation of plaque. 

Mobile denture service

With the rapidly growing old population available in most areas, there is a need for access to medical care that is easily accessible and convenient. The need for a mobile denture service aims in allowing convenience to access the dentures in the comfort of your home. 

Therefore, various dental services have sought to incorporate a mobile denture service that aims in sending dentures to those who are unable to access dental clinics to have them fixed. For instance, elderly people may have a challenge in moving around and accessing a dental clinic. 

Most clinics have a whole team of dental prosthetics who can calibrate the dentures for manufacture. After an initial consultation, the dental impressions are then taken to go for crafting and manufacturing. 

Trips to the dentist don’t have to be tedious. The availability of mobile denture services ensures that the patient gets to receive premium dental services without having to go to the clinic. 

Mobile denture aftercare

After the mobile dentures have been placed on the teeth, it is paramount to take care of them to ensure they offer longevity and service. This involves cleaning them daily with mouth solution or denture paste. While in the mouth, you can gently brush them to remove plaque and bacteria. 

It is best to avoid harsh cleaners and opt for a denture solution for cleaning. You can also make a solution of water and vinegar and soak the denture in it, or gargle the solution daily. Mobile dentures are also easily breakable. Therefore, be sure to handle them properly by placing them carefully on a flat surface before and after taking them out. 

It is also advisable to give the mouth a break to allow the gums to heal from wearing them. This ultimately increases dental health and protects the gum from infection. Therefore, removing the dentures every night will work well in ensuring this. You can gently clean the gums with a soft damp cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

It is advisable to schedule an appointment with your dentist to ensure that the routine dental checkup is done at least twice a year. This helps check the status of the dentures and ensure that your gums are in excellent condition. 

Maintaining a healthy diet through good nutrition also enables the dentures to stay for longer. A healthy and clean diet strengthens the teeth and gums by giving enough nutrients required for the development. 

Smoking can also lead to the formation of thick patches in the mouth. This can ultimately destroy the dentures and risk the chances of getting oral cancer. 

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