5 Natural Treatments Proven To Be Effective Against Seizures

Seizures refer to intense muscle contractions that could lead to loss of consciousness. They commonly occur from brain injuries, metabolic issues, exposure to toxic substances, blood vessel problems, or alcohol use. It can have an intense impact on the physical and mental wellness of the individual.

Seizures are caused due to a drastic change in the frequency of electrical activity in the brain where the action occurs 4 to 5 times more than the normal rate, dramatically affecting cognitive abilities and motor skills.

Although, for most people, seizures are a one-time episode, some suffer from chronic conditions such as Epilepsy that could trigger repeated occurrences. In this case, natural remedies can help cope with the problem and improve the quality of life. Here we will visit five simple and effective natural solutions to help with seizures.

1. Change Your Diets

Some diet plans have proven to work effectively to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. A ketogenic diet that involves high-fat foods and a reduction in carbohydrates is highly recommended for children suffering from seizures. Studies show a lowering of seizure frequency after following this diet. Here the absence of carbohydrates in the body conditions it to seek energy from the fat stored in ketone bodies instead of blood sugar.

But the diet is not recommended in adults mainly to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, which are common side effects of high-fat consumption. It also requires carefully measuring portions, long periods of fasting, and strict restrictions that could be challenging to follow with age.

Instead, an altered Atkins diet can show better results for adults. This diet also encourages a low-carb plate without adding too many fats or eliminating proteins. It also does not require fasting, which makes it more viable. You can discuss the diet with a dietician after consulting your neurologist to experience the best value from it.

2. Introduce Beneficial Supplements

Introducing certain supplements to the system has proven to reduce seizures. Studies suggest that individuals using antiepileptic drugs often suffer from oxidative stress as a side effect. The introduction of antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E supplements can be a beneficial way to help them cope with the issue that can also induce better seizure control.

Similarly, deficiency in magnesium levels in the body can trigger epilepsy and increase the frequency of episodes. Therefore, testing and maintaining healthy levels of the element in the body with the help of supplements and foods such as cashews, almonds, and spinach can be useful. Epsom salt, which is magnesium sulfate, can enhance nerve functions and offer better seizure control.

Omega 3 fatty acids have also proven effective results for reducing seizures, especially among children. These healthy fats help to strengthen neural functions and block repetitive firing of signals in the system that results in seizures. You can consume fish or hemp oil rich in omega acids.

3. Try Yoga

A combination of breathing exercises and asanas that focus on inducing relaxation and stress reduction can be beneficial to establish better seizure control. The upward rising mountain, downward-facing dog, half shoulder stand are a few asanas that can be effective in this case.

Meditation practices in yoga help reduce stress and create a better balance of electrical activity in the brain. It can improve focus and balance the energy in the body to offer a healthy route to cope with seizures.

4. Make Lifestyle Changes

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is a simple yet powerful way to cope with seizures. With time individuals understand the typical triggers that can induce seizures. It is best to avoid exposure to these triggers as much as possible to reduce the probability of going through an episode.

Additionally, switching to a healthy diet with reduced levels of junk foods can be helpful. Avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine is also necessary for the body as they can act as stimulators and get the system excited, thus increasing the chance of experiencing a seizure. Regular exercises to help achieve a healthy balance of hormones and muscular control are also critical.

5. Explore Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies such as passionflower, kava, and chamomile can enable a safe and efficient route to seizure control. These herbs carry antiepileptic properties that enhance cognitive abilities, and sedative effects can be pretty beneficial.

Cannabis takes explicitly the front seat for herbs that can help with seizures. The potent cannabinoids of the plant, especially the different forms of THC, can interact with the brain to balance electrical activities and control seizures episodes.

Studies show that delta -8 THC can be a healthy choice for individuals with epilepsy as it induces relaxation without introducing very intense highs. Similarly, THCA also proves to be useful for seizure treatment. It utilizes its powerful neuroprotective properties to condition the electric impulses in the system to work correctly. It also relieves the pain and discomfort caused during and after seizures. You can learn more about the difference between the two strains and choose between them to achieve excellent results for seizure control.


Seizures can have an intense impact on the overall quality of life. While medications can offer relief, natural remedies can solve the problem safely. It can also reduce the probability of repeated occurrences. Keep these fantastic natural remedies in mind for coping with seizures to achieve the best benefits.

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