10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Drug Addiction Center

7 million people in the US suffer from drug addiction. With the current trends and drugs becoming common, more and more people die due to drug overdose. In such times, it is important to know that there are treatment options out there that will help you completely wean off from the drugs. Drug addiction centers provide patients a chance to start a new life, a new drug-free life. There are many drug addiction centers in the US, but you must choose the very best for you or your loved ones.  

The importance of choosing a good drug addiction center

When the internet comes up with thousands of results for drug addiction centers, it can be frustrating to pick one. If you have decided to seek help for your drug abuse problem it is of utmost importance that you find the best drug addiction center out there because you:

  • Will be dedicating your precious time to a treatment center
  • Have to pay for the services so settling for anything but the best is out of the question
  • Treatment requires your energy and dedication and satisfaction to work.
  • Addiction treatment is a commitment and you must not be discouraged at any point in the process.

So, don’t be hasty and give your time to search for the best drug addiction center that will help you to start a new sober life. It is better to take time and make an informed decision rather than just trusting the first site you see. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of 10 factors to consider when choosing a drug addiction center for you or a loved one.

  1. Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction is a curse, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cured. Addiction treatment programs are designed in such a way that they make sure an individual stops taking drugs and detox from them. As you seek drug addiction treatment, make sure to check what kind of treatment options there are. Most common addiction treatment programs include:

  1. Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program or residential rehab
  2. Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program
  3. Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program
  4. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  5. Telehealth Addiction Treatment Program

Each addiction treatment program comes with its own pros and cons. It is all up to you and your comfort which plans you choose. The most comfortable and budget-friendly addiction treatment program is by using Telehealth services. But it all depends on what your healthcare provider will suggest for you.

  1. Cost and Insurance

When searching for a good drug addiction center, don’t forget to check out the costs of different addiction treatment programs. It is not a surprising fact that drug addiction treatment doesn’t come cheap. But most of the time you will see that addiction centers accept all types of insurance. So, before you select a drug addiction center, make sure to check if they accept your insurance plan. When choosing a drug addiction center, always:

  • Check their insurance policy
  • Search for any hidden extra charges
  • Go for the center that accepts your insurance plan
  • Keep in mind your finances and budget

The cost of the drug addiction center normally depends on the following factors:

  • The type of drug addiction facility
  • Duration and the time to complete addiction treatment
  • The type of treatment and drug addiction plan you choose
  1. Professional Staff 

Having a professional staff and an adequate number of staff members in an addiction center is highly recommended. If an addiction center is understaffed then you will have to face many complications during your stay there. While the internet will show you countless drug addiction centers, choose carefully after making the following affirmations:

  • The addiction center must have an adequate and professional staff members
  • Place a call and discuss their treatment programs, you might gain an insight into the professionalism of the staff.
  • Choose the center which includes psychologists, nurses, physicians, nutritionists, or dietitians. 
  1. Duration of Treatment Programs

Depending on the severity of your addictions, your healthcare provider will let you know how long you need to be in a treatment center. Some drug addiction treatments last for months and some can be completed in a few weeks. But before you commit to anything make sure to check how long are their addiction treatment programs. Choose the drug addiction center that suits your work schedule and lifestyle. Because once you commit there is no looking back. So choose the one that will be easier for you to access. 

  1. Location

Everyone’s needs and preferences may be different when choosing a drug addiction center. Some like to choose near their homes and some want to stay away from their area. It is up to you which location you choose. The location of the addiction center plays a significant role in treatment. If the location chosen is far away, you may or may not feel stressed or tired due to traveling. Here are some of the benefits of choosing drug addiction centers near you:

  • Easier to access
  • Fewer hours spent on the roads
  • Less hassle
  • Fewer gas costs
  • Fewer missed appointments


  1. Aftercare Program

After a successful treatment, when patients are discharged, most drug addiction centers provide them an opportunity to stay in touch with their addiction counselors and health care providers. This is called an aftercare program. The following things will be included in your aftercare program:

  • Self-reflection therapies that will help you to set personal goals
  • Individual therapy sessions that will build your self-confidence
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapies will help and encourage you to be more friendly and social. 
  • Group therapies that will reduce any guilt or shame that you have developed. 
  • Dialectical behavior programs will help you to manage your anger issues. 

All these therapies will bring out a new and better angle in you. It is easy to overlook this aspect of treatment, but it holds much importance. Choose a clinic that provides a good aftercare program. Here are some qualities of a good Aftercare program:

  • Ongoing support even after completion of drug addiction treatment
  • Cater emotional needs
  • Answer to questions on call
  • Prevent relapse in the future
  • Provides you with healthy coping strategies
  1. FDA-Approved Medications and 

There are many important advancements in the field of medicine. It is important to be aware of FDA regulations and drugs that are approved by the FDA. The use of FDA-approved medications during addiction treatment is highly recommended. Medications play a huge role during drug addiction treatment, therefore do not settle for drug addiction centers that do not provide FDA-approved medications during treatment. Here is a list of FDA-approved medications used during drug addiction treatment:

  • Methadone
  • Subutex
  • Naltrexone


  1. Subutex Medication Program

Subutex is FDA approved medication that is used to treat opioid use disorders. A doctor will prescribe Subutex if you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, street drug addiction or if you relapse after your addiction treatment. Choosing a drug addiction center that provides a Subutex medication program is important because:

  • Subutex helps with withdrawal symptoms
  • Does not give any high like other drugs
  • Reduce frequent drug cravings


  1. Evidence-based practices

Make sure the addiction drug center you choose only uses evidence-based practices when treating drug addiction. Here are some ways to treat drug addiction, backed by evidence:

  • Medication
  • Behavioral counseling


  1.  Medically supervised Detox Program

Taking drugs is not a healthy practice. It can cause harm to each organ of your body. Therefore, when too many drugs are consumed, it is important to seek a drug addiction center that will help you to successfully detox all the drugs and start a sober life. A medically supervised detox program ensures that all the toxic substances are removed from the body. The main purpose of medical supervision is to prevent any sort of relapse and to help patients cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Here are some benefits of a medically supervised detox program:

  • Symptoms of withdrawal are carefully monitored by professionals.
  • Reduces the risk of an unsuccessful detox
  • Along with a detox, patients also receive counseling sessions to ease the process of detox

Final Note…

Drug addiction consumes the lives of many per year. From 1968 to 2019, over 1,015,000 US citizens died from a drug overdose. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, it is time to seek help from professionals so they can help you leave bad habits behind. Therefore, seeking a good drug addiction center hold utmost importance. It is important to make informed choices rather than just make impulsive decisions. The cost of drug addiction treatment should not stop you, rather look for addiction centers that will accept your insurance plan. Make sure you collect enough data about all the addiction centers and then choose the one that looks the best for your needs. Once you choose a drug addiction center, you must promise yourself that you will cooperate with the doctors and get clean. Because if you don’t even the best addiction center will not be able to help you. If you are a resident of New Jersey, you can contact ChoicePoint, a 24/7 urgent care clinic, and start addiction treatment today! 

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