The Vaping Situation in Australia

The Vaping Situation in Australia

Vaping is a worldwide phenomenon that is now appreciated by a large number of people. The vaping industry is pretty important in the world, however the laws regarding that activity differ depending on the country that you’re living in.


  • Restricted laws

Australia has a particular position regarding nicotine in general. In order to reduce the community of smokers , strict laws have been enforced. In this country, pure nicotine and any nicotine-containing items is not allowed to be sold unless the products are used for medical reasons. However, this law doesn’t necessarily apply for vape shops that are selling e-cigarettes. This type of products are currently being controlled by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. This administration is the therapeutic and medicine regulatory agency of the Government of Australia. Its goal is to regulate the advertising, supply and quality of any medical and pathology devices as well as medicine and blood products. As such, as long as an item has a therapeutic effect, it will be supported by this agency.  

The e-cigarettes sold in vape shop Australia are devices that are designed to help smokers slowly transition to a non-smoking behavior. The people that are buying a vape will be able to choose the amount of nicotine that they will breathe, thus they have the possibility to reduce it little by little. It has been proven that this smoking device greatly helps people who want to stop smoking. Even if, because of certain restrictions of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, there are few vape shops Australia, users still have the possibility to order they e-cigarettes and any related product online. In Australia some states are not allowing vape shops to be created and they don’t want any type of e-cigarettes to be sold in their territory. However, it is possible to order your vape online from anywhere in this country.


  • Advantages of ordering online

In the first place, some people in Australia can be frustrated to not have the possibility to go to a vape shop in their own country. However, there are multiple advantages in ordering your products online.


  • Broader variety

When someone is ordering e-cigarettes online, it will be easier to come across a wider variety of this type of product. Vapes come in every shape, color and form : because of that, some might be more suitable for you than other. It all depends on the usage that you are going to have with it. On the internet, it is easier to find the perfect vape for you and you will even have the possibility to filter your search by putting the elements that you need as well as the price range that you can afford.


  • Easy process

The whole buying process online is pretty easy. You will just have to choose between the various vapes according to your taste, price range and needs at first. Then, you will need to enter your personal information and pay for the product directly online. Once it’s done, you will be able to receive the products that you bought directly at your door step in a matter of days. Thanks to that online process, you can order your vape from anywhere as long as you have a device with an internet connection.

  • Customer service

By ordering your e-cigarettes online, you will also have the option to talk to a professional directly on the website. If you’re a beginner and you don’t know yet what type of vape will be the most suitable for you, then the customer service will be there to guide you. This online service will also ensure to solve any issues regarding the choosing and delivery process.


Why Switch to E-Cigarettes

Most people in modern society understand that smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes can have a bad impact on one’s health. If you are still unsure of why cigarettes hae a bad impact on your health then you need to know that there are harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes that over a period of time when inhaled can lead to health problems like cancer.

People smoking cigarettes find it hard to quit smoking simply because it is addictive and over a period of time becomes a habit. When smoking you hardly realize how hard it is to quit smoking. It becomes like daily routine and then you share your cigarette with friends and it becomes causal smoking without any limits.

There are now a growing number of people who want to continue smoking but not with the regular cigarette and that are why they are opting for e-cigarettes.  The startup or initial cost of vaping products can be high as compared to your regular pack of cigarettes but there certainly are some good health benefits when opting for electronic cigarettes. There are different devices and products you will need to purchase. One great thing is that you also have the option to purchase different e-liquids that are available in various flavors.

Today there are many stores where you can buy electronic cigarettes. Most store owners are well aware of what products are needed by you; they are well aware of these products and would be happy to educate you on how to use these products and what accessories you will need in future either as a replacement.

Vape products are a great option for all those who want to move away from regular cigarettes.

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