Picking the Right Vape Heating Element

You might not have the experience yet when you head to a vaporizer shop or look online but when it comes to your vaporizer there are options with the heating element. Of course, each promises to be the best one to choose so sometimes it can be confusing knowing which is best for your own uses and needs. Here is a look at the three main types of heating elements and a look at why it matters.

What is so important about the heating element?

The heating element is a key element of any vaporizer whatever size or type it is. This is what regulates the air’s temperature that affects the active ingredients. That air might be propelled with direct inhalation or via a pump. Some have both styles in one model. One of the primary requirements of any heating element is that it needs to be precise, it needs to reach the temperature you set and not fluctuate each time.

Three heating element types

1) Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the main vaporizers you can find when you want to use dry herb vaporizers. Those who prefer aluminum claim it is better than ceramic because it is quicker at responding to changes in temperature. It has great temperature control as it can more rapidly take into account air pressure effects and the airflow over the plant material you are vaping. Those who support ceramic over aluminum do so partly because they say there is a risk of inhaling substances from the alloy but this is not true with high-quality vaporizers. The top temperature they reach at 240 degrees is much lower than the melting point at 660 degrees where substances might be emitted.

2) Ceramic

If you are looking at ceramic elements in Australian vaporizers that is likely because they are the most commonly found types. Ceramics are good at very high temperatures without emitting any gases and are healthy and clean to use. You do have to make sure you use vaporizers that use high-quality ceramics. Low-quality elements have other materials in them like solder or low-quality wire, so the air is not just touching ceramic it is touching other materials that are less clean and might emit toxins. Low-quality ceramic options are a poor reflection of ceramic elements.

3) Glass

While we stated there are three main types of heating elements, and there are, glass is actually not common at all. In terms of heating elements, it is essentially the same as ceramic. There are just a handful of vaporizers that use glass elements right now. You are more likely to see ceramic or aluminum.


Picking the heating element for your vaporizer is a personal choice and as you have more experience with vaporizer options you will have a better idea of which you prefer. The key with any option is to find something well made and of good quality. Choosing poorly made vaporizers means you are more likely to have poor-quality heating elements.

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