Top Snus Flavors You Should Know

Top Snus Flavors You Should Know

Flavoring gives the tobacco a good smell and taste. They make consuming tobacco easy and comfortable. You don’t have to struggle with the original tobacco flavor. To some, the tobacco flavor can be irritating. That’s where tobacco flavoring comes in. Companies such as Black Buffalo sell the best tobacco-flavored products for a premium nicotine experience. The following are the top tobacco flavors you should know today.

The Origin of Snus Flavors

Snus flavors are often created by adding aromas to different ingredients. Some of the most common additions include coffee, citrus, as well as, berries. Certain snus users also prefer experimenting with their own flavors. Essentially, this can be achieved by mixing water and a few millimeters of the aroma. This mixture is then added to snus and left in the fridge for a couple of days. Once the suns are fully soaked, the can is flipped over after one day to ensure that the flavor has been fully absorbed.

Since this process will leave you with moist snus, you may want to consider adjusting the liquid contents in a way that matches your own preference.

Top Snus Flavors

The following are top snus flavors you should know today!


Mint is one of the best snus flavors. Most people have always chosen it as their favorite. Regardless of your age or gender, you’ll definitely love it. Remember, Mint itself is also available in a wide range of options: Evergreen, Eucalyptus, plain Mint, and Spearmint.


There are certain manufacturers who add alcohol to their snus. Whiskey is commonly used as it contains simple ingredients (water, grain, yeast) that blend perfectly with snus. Whether you prefer single cask, single malt, or blended whiskey, you’ll readily find a brand that suits your specific needs. For instance, you may want to settle for General Mackmyra or Crafted Snus Whiskey.


Citrus is another popular option among snus users. Bergamot, in particular, has become increasingly popular nowadays. Citrus fruits are commonly grown in the Mediterranean and the best bergamot offerings include Skruf, as well as, John A Bomans General.


Juniper berries typically feature a smoky and woody taste. They’re incredible additions to gin and beer. Plus, they’re commonly utilized within Scandinavian cooking. Most Swedish people like Juniper snus, which is often found in Kapten and swedsnus brands.


Liquorice features a sharp and distinct taste. Popular options in this category are LYFT and EPOK.

Benefits of Tobacco Flavoring

Flavoring will entice you into using your favorite tobacco products.  Of course, tobacco use isn’t good for your health. However, if you cannot quit smoking, try tobacco-free products. However, if you have to take tobacco, go for flavored products. They will optimize your tobacco-taking experience. They are easy on your mouth and body. Get your floured tobacco products today!

The Bottom-Line

If you like it, flavor it. Flavoring your tobacco makes it easy to consume. Thus, don’t struggle with that irritating tobacco. Flavor it with your favorite option. Get the best snus flavors and have a premium tobacco experience. Also, if you don’t want nicotine in your product, turn to Evn CBD. It sells the best CBD products. The above are the top flavors every tobacco user should know.


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