Tips on Buying Your First Diamond Ring

When men decide to buy a jewelry piece and, for that matter, a diamond ring that is not for their wedding, it is unheard of activity. There is a particular group and culture of men who wear rings especially promoted by rappers and singers. Standard rings or gemmed rings have historically been part of fashion and authority for powerful men, but the diamond has always been associated with women. Indeed, times are changing where both sexes can wear what they want. If you are wondering the same and don’t know how to, we have some tips for you today in this article. Let us put your mind at ease.

Is it Common for Men to Wear Diamond Rings?

Typically whenever you think about men buying a ring, our mind straight away goes to their special occasion, marriage. This trend is not the case here as the trends are changing as men are bringing in diamond rings into their accessories other than signet rings, purely for fashion and looking charming. If a man wants to wear a diamond ring, why not? We think he should, and he must.

What Styles are of Diamond Rings for Men?

These three types of ring that men typically go for, which are:

Wedding Rings – This ring type is quite apparent, purely for the wedding and spending life together with your significant other and commemorating this bond. Same diamond rings for the couple is a norm, though it can be different depending on their preference. You can go through a whole catalog of diamond rings for men to see some options on what your heart sets too. These are not just wedding or engagement rings; you can wear them for special occasions, meetings, or business. You shouldn’t be restricted to just weddings to wear a diamond ring.

Fashion Ring – These rings are purely for fashion to enhance your look; they come in numerous styles and fashion statements in whatever fashion style is trending right now. Most follow the most trending fashion and follow different celebrities for their looks.

Cluster/Signet Rings – This is an upgrade to signet rings if you want to step into the new era of mixed fashion and styles. These rings contain diamonds fixed around the signet or on the band on the ring.

Styling Men’s Rings:

This is 2021, and men have much more options to stylize themselves with different rings to complement different fashions. The following tips have underlining that resonates with a simple fact; choose what you are most comfortable and if you are following a trend, incorporate that into your style.

Keeping it Simple and Safe:

This is no more the 80s where Mr. T wore heavy chains and pendants with a ring in each ring, all gold and diamond laced, to signify his wealth and fame. In 2021, most men want to wear jewelry but keep it as simple as possible so as not to overwhelm their outfits with sparkles and glints. We recommend a piece of utmost two on special occasions.

You can complement your diamond ring with a well-made watch, a single stud, or a slim chain around the neck. Keep in mind the place and occasion to wear a diamond ring.

Ring Metals:

As there are many metals men can choose from, as women, buy a comfortable metal that doesn’t itch you or go with your style as each metal has a different look and shine.

Copying what is Popular:

We definitely recommend copying a celebrity or someone who carries himself with whatever they wear because you can learn a tip or few from them and eventually can be your own thing. Jason Mamoa and Henry Cavil are the heartthrobs of this day of Marvel/DC heroes, and you can copy their styles for starters.

Knowing Your Size:

You should at least go to a store once to get your fingers measured to know the exact size. You can also order online measuring rings made of plastic to know the size yourself; they are pretty cheap and contain average mens ring size hoops to try on.

When ordering a ring, we recommend leaving a little tolerance in the size as you never know if you would gain some weight because it is expensive to change the size later on. You can also simply leave an opening in the band so that you can always change the size when needed.

More than One:

If you like to wear rings other than your wedding ring, you can wear a subtler ring than your diamond one or vice versa. Wooden accent rings and sterling silver rings look great on men. This practice can be due to separate wedding rings and casual rings for different purposes.

Physically See the Ring Before Buying:

You’ll never know how the ring looks and feels before even trying. The things that look good on paper, or online for that matter, won’t be the same IRL. You need to observe how the ring looks under different lighting conditions, and that alone can tell you what to look for. We recommend four lighting conditions to do this in.

  • Overwhelming Light – Most shops have bright and a spotlight to overwhelm you, and every ring in that light will shine. Ask the shop to bring it down a few notches.
  • Diffusing lighting – The best lighting as the fluorescent can bounce off the room and give you a balanced light to look at.
  • Simple Mixed Lighting
  • Daylight – This lighting condition will be directly under the sun to show the diamond’s actual shine.


While buying and wearing diamond rings for men isn’t something that whispers subtlety, you can always complement it with sober and well-maintained suits. You can also wear exotic wooden rings with a diamond top if you so choose. You can’t complete the ring type and style you want unless you research the latest fashion and how different men look with various accessories. Following our tips mentioned above, you will have good information to get you started.

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