How has SEO evolved over the years?

How has SEO evolved over the years?

SEO experts and digital marketers have experienced a wide range of changes in Search Engine Optimization over the last decade. The changes so occurred are the mere evolution of SEO. The significant changes have contributed a lot to shape up SEO. Though it is not an easy task, evolution has made the internet more useful to the audience.

SEO used to be about providing keywords to the contents and building link profiles. But it has brought a massive change in trends and Google Algorithms updates. Now SEO provides a positive user experience to the audience and makes sure that they get authentic information continuously.

Improvement in quality of good content

We cannot create good quality content along with the perfect mix of SEO techniques. If your content is poor or the content is plagiarised, then you should stop wasting time building your website. The evolution of SEO for real estate helped website owners realize that high-quality content is an effective strategy.

In early times, we have seen the practice of uploading spam content stuffed with necessary keywords. After the release of the Panda update, we began to see authentic and high-quality contents which have eliminated keyword stuffing.

The essence of Page Speed

Page speed is an important evolution for SEO. It enables a good user experience, conversions, and good rankings. Google, along with its Speed Online Tool, makes the website speed putting an effect on search ranking. The fast-loading technique of a webpage gives the website higher rankings.

There is not much clarity in the methods of metrics or the correlation between particular speed metrics and search rankings. But it clears out gradually with time. Google began using mobile page speed as a factor of ranking in mobile search results. You can contact any SEO consultant Perth who can guide you in increasing the page speed.  

Depreciation of Link Schemes

The immoral practice of attaining fake links from different sources to improve the online ranking of websites causes a decline in SEO’s evolution. Many people who participate in link-building schemes have encountered these fake links. Google decided to take stern steps.

With the help of the Penguin update, Google began to penalize, ban and de-list websites that took part in the link scheme practice. This step restored the valuable link-building strategies, gained backlinks from authentic websites and natural link attraction methods.

Website security prioritization

Google once updated algorithms that appeared to be helpful for HTTPS websites. The update was made by developing encryption that assures data integrity and safety of the user’s confidential data.

The HTTPS was started to be mildly correlated with the higher rankings on Google’s first page. Users who trust a website will act as a traffic enabler and ignite SEO efforts. This website security prioritization technique plays the role of a huge SEO enabler.

Focus on Local SEO

Over the last couple of years, the biggest change that happened in SEO is the increase in focus on local searches. By embracing the local searches, local companies have greater opportunities to reach their target audience. This is possible because local searches have become more common and specific. SEO for ecommerce businesses is really important if you are running a local business.

Apart from the rise in local search, people also get big opportunities for keyword optimization. SEOs can optimize content to rank for location-specific keywords. This helps them to reach out to their target market smoothly. 

Prioritization of Mobile SEO

There has been a shift from desktop searches to mobile search traffic. As users surf the internet through their mobile phones, so Google now rewards websites that are highly mobile-friendly. Within the last couple of years, more websites have been optimized for mobile.

Along with that, Google uses the mobile version of a website by using mobile-first indexing. The purpose is indexing and ranking of websites. Thus it is very important to optimize a site for mobile devices.  


These above-mentioned subheads are the list of the evolution of SEO that happens in the past decade. The evolution of SEO is an ongoing process. Though SEO’s future moving in the forward direction is quite unpredictable, it is in a positive direction. The evolution in SEO will make websites and user experience seamless.

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