Watch Review: Know Why Rado Timepieces Are Worth Having

A watch is an accessory to match your “OOTD” (outfit of the day) and simply completes your overall look. If you are searching for the perfect ticker that would complement your dynamic fashion sense, Rado is the right watch for you. Rado watches are watches of exceptional quality. Swiss-made, it is a watch brand recognized and respected for its innovative timepieces. This company is also best known to be relatively unique. Unlike most watch brands that produce watches’ mass manufacturing, Rado produces a limited quantity each year, making their collections significantly rare. This article will cover a review of Rado and some of its best model watches.

By reading through, this article will help with your search for the perfect timepiece to own and which will make up your mind afterward to purchase a Rado watch for yourself. Rado is believed and has been proven for years and still ongoing to be one of the best watches produced. You may also have stumbled upon this yearning to know which timepieces from the brand are right for you? Worry not. We got you covered. Read on and discover more about this brand, highlights of some of its best-selling timepieces, how to distinguish authenticity, and many more of the information you need.

A Quick Historical Rewind

Swiss watch brands are known to be the best and most reliable brands in the field of watchmaking. Like Omega SA, Patek Philippe, Rolex, and other known Swiss-made watches, The brand is also a proud Swiss product, certified with the Swiss-made mark on all of its watches. If you aren’t aware of it, the Swiss-made mark makes a watch more substantial to the masses. The company has committed to producing unique watches made of high-technology materials, developing new technology, and aiming to produce an innovative design that makes it stand out from the rest. The history of the company goes far back to 1917. Before it acquired the name “Rado”, the company was identified as Schlup & Co, named after its founders’ last name. 

The Schlup siblings, founders of the company, established their watchmaking factory at the comfort of their own home. Their factory was small and simple, yet just enough for them to create and produce watches. Eventually, due to their hard work and determination, the company became one of the largest producers of watches all over Switzerland and deliberately across the globe. In 1950, the company’s name was replaced by what is now known as Rado. Committed to producing timeless and innovative models, the brand has been holding on to its philosophy for decades and more.

What Makes Rado Watches Worth Purchasing

Rado has never failed to produce high-end luxury watches. But for someone who isn’t much of a watch enthusiast to know deeper about any watch brands, you would want to know first how it is worth the money you will be spending. You won’t spend a fairly huge amount of cash on something that is not of a high standard or would not last long enough for its price. It is important to fetch some information before buying something for yourself. Also, reviewing the products and having a background check on its manufacturer saves you from putting your money to waste and spending more on recurring repairs or possible damages. 

Facts About The Iconic Brand 

The facts that come with why Rado watches are worth purchasing could be a long and never-ending list. A few of these reasons include that these watches are made to be relatively unique. Unlike most brands that are mass-manufactured, this company strictly and only produces a limited amount of models of every collection each year. This strategy developed by Rado makes it a step much better compared to other watch brands. If given a chance, as a mere human, you wouldn’t want somebody to have the same things as you do because sometimes, it feels great to be unique. 

An accomplishment of Rado marked in the history of watchmaking was its production of scratch-resistant technology. The first to have ever produced a scratch-resistant watch, specifically the DiaStar, has made this brand known worldwide. If you are searching and choosing the “best” models produced by the company, these are some of the best-selling luxury models of the brand: Golden Horse 1957, Rado Ceramica, Rado Sintra, and Hyperchrome 1616. Of course, the list still goes a long way, but some of the best watches you should consider if you plan to own one. 

How to spot a fake Rado watch?

A Rado, a top-quality watch, is something that you do not see every day- one of the many reasons why it is worth having. As these watches become even more popular, the production of replicas of the watches is inevitable. It is critical to know how to distinguish an authentic Rado watch. The following are some ways to spot a fake: Examine the screws on the back of the watch. Fake Rado watches have crossed slots; Authentic Rado does not have gold plating; Rado crown logo on replicas is often sloppily glued. However, to be sure, it is better to purchase this watch on Rado branches and trusted stores. Shop now and own Rados excellent timepieces.


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