The 80 Best Pickup Lines Ever to Brighten our Day

Have you ever been trying to say “Hi!” to your crush for a long time already? Do you want to loosen up things and have some icebreakers? Well, well, well! Today is the day to bring out the humor in you.

One of the best ways to start a casual conversation is to… (insert drum roll) …use pick-up lines!  This may sound a little bit cheesy or corny but believe it or not, it works most of the time. Of course, it still depends on the scenario so be vigilant enough. 

A lot of pick-up lines have been passed on from generation to generation. There are several pick-up lines that do not get old. Others have evolved and others have been popular just recently. They can be cute, funny, romantic or naughty (sometimes it depends on the recipient).

We have here the best pick-up lines that you can use to brighten the day. Just a heads up: Be sure that you are ready to be hit with laughs and love or to be hit with a punch.

Captivated by someone’s smile and beauty? Appreciate him/her using these:

  • Are you a grenade? Your beauty is so explosive.
  • Is geometry your favorite subject? You are a perfection in every angle.
  • Are you a spoon? I can’t control to say “Aaaaaaah” whenever I see you.
  • Is your face a drug? It is so addicting!
  • I think I have my eyes have problem already. They only choose to focus on you.
  • I hope you know how to save life, because your beauty is taking my breath away!
  • You are like a painting. Your beauty is priceless.
  • Is your face an electric company? It gives so much light!
  • Are you the sun? I cannot directly look at you because you glow so much!
  • I think I need shades. Your beauty is so bright!
  • I believe you are my favorite doughnut. You are so A-DOUGH-RABLE.
  • You’re from the outer space, right? I can see constellations in your eyes.
  • I know now my favorite fruit. It’s apple because you are the APPLE OF MY EYES.
  • I don’t need a calculator. Just looking at you, my day is already solved.

Care to be a little flirty today? Do the move now with your words:

  • Are you a switch? I love to turn you on.
  • Are you a urine? I become shaky when you come along.
  • Can we have a blood test? You will know that you’re my type.
  • Are you a jacket? I feel cold. I think I need your hug.
  • Can I sit beside you during the test? Everything feels perfect beside you.
  • Are you an electricity? I can feel the spark on you.
  • Hey, are you a Wi-Fi? I need to connect with you.
  • Are you an ice? I have been CRUSHING on you. (blushes)
  • Can we have a picture together? I want us to be developed to each other.

Pursuing your “dream”? Use these to make it a reality!

  • Can I reach you for you are my dream?
  • Can you give me a map? I am getting lost, so I need directions on your way to your heart.
  • I can be your slave. I’m willing to be under the command of your love.
  • Can I turn-off the switch? I want us to be ON.
  • Are you a manhole? I suddenly fell in love with you.
  • I am not Superman, Batman, nor Spiderman, because I AM YOUR MAN.
  • Are you my lost comb? I am such a mess without you.
  • Your surname sounds good. It matches to mine.
  • You and I should be like Pi. It is irrational and never-ending.
  • Is your name Centrum? You make my life complete.
  • Are you becoming deaf? My heart has been shouting out loud your name.
  • Are you done with your exams? Now is the time for you to answer me.
  • Are you a Chinese? I will SIOMAI love to you, and I HOPIA you will feel the same way.
  • I wish you are a CANDLE, so I can put you on my heart that is so dead in love with you.
  • How can you see the person that will love you for the rest of your life if you are not looking on me?
  • Do you know how to count? (Yes, of course). Alright let’s put you to a test. What’s next to I love you One? (Answer: I love you TWO.)
  • Is your heart a hotel? I want to check-in.
  • I envy emails. They have attachments. How about us?
  • I want to be with you only twice- “now” and “forever.”
  • Top view, front view, side view, I love view.

In a mood to be cheesy? C’mon, don’t be shy:

  • Did you like eating sugar? (Why?) Your smile is so sweet.
  • Do you know that I am a scientist and you are my Lab?
  • Are you a password? I cannot easily forget you.
  • If I am a bee, then you must be my honey.
  • You are like an oatmeal. You are good for my heart.
  • I wish to be part of the alphabet and be the letter “T” so I can be next to “U.
  • You are good in puzzle huh? You got to complete me so early.
  • I’m sure you don’t have a twin. It’s so hard to find exactly like you.
  • Are you a horror movie? My heart beats rapidly whenever I see you.
  • I wish I was your menstruation. I want to visit you regularly.
  • Are you a poop? I cannot imagine playing on you.
  • Are you a knife? My heart is being stabbed whenever I see you with somebody.
  • You are not a ball. I cannot afford to pass you on others.
  • You are getting taller, huh. Before, you were just about my chest but now you are already on my mind.
  • Can you be my driver? You are the drive I need to keep going.
  • You are worse than any traffic in this world. I CAN’T MOVE ON!
  • I think, you a dandruff. It is so hard to get you out of my head.
  • Do you know someone can fix my watch? When I am with you, time just suddenly stops.
  • You are like my underwear. I can’t last a day without you!!
  • Are you a Crayon? You add so much color to my life.
  • What kind of pencil are you? You are so hard to be erased in my life.
  • We are like scissors. We should always come in pair to work.
  • Are you a hold upper? I can give anything I have, but please don’t hurt me.
  • It seems you are getting smaller. You were in my mind, and now, you are down to my heart?
  • Are you the darkness? I cannot see anything, except you.
  • I think you are an airplane window. When I looked at you, it feels like heaven.
  • When you look inside my brain, it is like you are looking at your own photo album.
  • Are you a national anthem? You make me stop and automatically place my hand on my chest.
  • Are you an orbit? My world only revolves on you.
  • They say I am insane. No, I am not. What’s wrong with smiling when I think of you?
  • Are you a mechanic? You make my life run.
  • Not all alive are alive. Look at me. I am so alive, but I am so dead in love with you.
  • Hey, are you not feeling lonely? You are the only one staying in my heart.
  • You haven’t thrown me anything, yet I am already struck by you.
  • Are you a cheat sheet? You are my answer to everything!
  • I think you are my denture. I cannot smile without you.
  • Are you an energy drink? I got a lot of energy whenever you come along.

We hope you enjoyed reading our list and you were able to pick any of those (if not all of them) that you can use in your next attempt to talk to your crush or to share laughter with your friends, family, and colleagues.

We have a bonus tip for you: Always speak with feelings. Delivery matters. If you say it just for the sake of saying it, huh, you are just wasting your saliva.

Just kidding! But seriously, the manner of how you throw it will speak how the other party will like/love it or hate it.

Do you have pick-up lines of your own? Share it with us!

Have a great day everyone!

Spread love and laughter.

Good luck!

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