Your Ultimate Buying Guide to Popular Omega Constellation Watches

Your Ultimate Buying Guide to Popular Omega Constellation Watches

When it comes to luxury watches, Omega has been one of the top warmly-received brands in the industry. Omega, founded in 1848, is widely recognized for being present in the Olympics, James Bond movies, and even the very first moon landing. Its reputation for impossible precision and diverse collections are just some of the reasons why watch collectors and enthusiasts around the world are charmed by their timepieces.

The brand is known for its renowned collections, although, if you’re reading this post, it probably means you are already decided on getting a timepiece from the Constellation lineup. Whether that or you’re curious what a Constellation watch has in store for you, we’re here to help you understand why it is a worthy choice and why any watch from this collection is worth the investment. We will talk a little about the history of this superb lineup, and show you some categories that know about. Let’s dive right in!

A Brief History of the Constellation Series

The Constellation series is yet one of the most iconic lineups of Omega, being some of the most accurate high-performance wristwatches for the past seven decades. Believe it or not, it is one of the oldest names of the brand and it is even older than the Speedmaster collection. As it is inspired by a stellar design, the Omega Constellation Watch has been a flagship from the ’50s until the ’70s yet remains to be a classic choice until today.

Did you know that four years before the Constellation, a limited edition model called the Centenary was released in celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary? Besides its iconic design, it happened to be the brand’s first automatically-wound chronometer. Omega created only 6,000 pieces of this model, and the public begged for more. This was when Omega gave birth to the Globemaster in 1952, which captures the classic look and bears the same technology as the Centenary. Flight-affiliated watch wearers fell in love with the timepiece, and so did professionals on land and even underwater. Because of a lawsuit issue, the Globemaster had to be changed to Constellation in 1956–and the rest is history. In every Constellation watch, an engraving of the Geneva Observatory is found at the back of the case to represent the scientific accuracy achieved from rigorous testings. This stamp serves as a way to uphold the tradition of the Constellation lineup and is among its few iconic distinctions.

Is Omega Constellation a Good Investment?

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions that any potential buyer wants answers to. Before we jump into the answer, let’s first lay out the crucial factors you should consider when buying any kind of luxury watch. These would be the brand, prestige, precision and accuracy, and durability.

The brand name and prestige often go hand-in-hand, as top brands never disappoint in terms of service, quality, and durability. When it comes to precision and accuracy, every Omega Constellation timepiece is crafted only with chronometer-certified movements. And since its vast history until the modern-day, these watches have always boasted the same level of precision and engineering. This is why professionals of any field adore this watch for its high-performance and incredible accuracy.

Last but not least is durability. Every Omega timepiece comes with a 5-year warranty; however, it is quite unquestionable that luxury watches, especially from Omega, will be enjoyed for a lifetime or even more. These factors and the rich groundbreaking history of the collection should help you answer whether or not it is worth the investment.

Shopping Expectations

Today, the Constellation series offers a diverse and fresher set of options. The timepieces can range from 25 to 41mm, with an option between Quartz and Automatic movements. There is a huge selection for both men and women. You can indulge in any of the choices from black alligator leather to bracelets made of different metals. There is practically no limit to the options you can choose from. That said, next up are two Constellation sub-collections that you must look out for.

Manhattan vs Globemaster

A few subtle changes were gradually seen in its evolution, however, some noticeable ones emerged when they released the Constellation Manhattan collection in 1982. This sub-collection popularized a new design with horizontal claws on the bezel, which largely resonates among the Constellation timepieces available today.

However, the world went wild when the Constellation Globemaster had its comeback in 2015. This sub-collection is heartfeltly reminiscent of the Omega Centenary and the Constellation during their heyday years and years back. It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane with its large classic pie-pan dial, but with astonishingly higher standards.


Omega has successfully built its reputation after decades of excellent watchmaking and with its unforgettable involvement in history. If you want to experience the power of the Omega Constellation, it’s only a matter of preference whether you’d go for the Manhattan or the Globemaster, and among the various specs to choose from. Either way, Omega never disappoints and it won’t start now. If you’d like to get an idea of the Omega Constellation watch price or learn more about other watch brands and collections, be sure to visit trusted online retail stores like to find great deals. We hope this post has enlightened you about the prestigious Omega Constellation series. Happy shopping!

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