Normal Symptoms After a Hair Transplant

Hair transplants will be operated by dermatological or plastic surgeons, they don’t take too long and it has become very popular to get a transplant over in Turkey. This is due to the low costs and great reviews, they know how to get the job done. Most men get hair transplants but women also can get them if they’re suffering from hair loss. Basically, a surgeon will remove hair from your head, usually the back or the side, and put it on the front or the top of your head. It is common to have a hair transplant in Turkey as the surgeons are qualified and cheap in this country.  

You will likely be put under local anesthesia when the procedure is taking place, this will make it more comfortable for the patient. The most common reason for getting a hair transplant is obviously baldness, this can happen at the front or back of your head. Baldness occurs with old age and can be genetically passed down through families. Some of the other reasons for hair loss include diet, stress, hormonal changes, illness, and medication. Side effects are common after hair transplants so they are nothing to worry about. There will be a range of symptoms you might experience and here are the main ones… 

The main side effects of getting a hair transplant

There will be some normal side effects and symptoms after getting a hair transplant, and they will depend on the type of transplant you go for. The main symptoms will be bleeding, swelling of the scalp, crust on the areas where hair was removed, and itchy. You can also experience bruising around the eyes, numbness in the area treated, some inflammation around the hair follicles, and unnatural-looking tufts of hair. 

If you do end up having a particularly sore scalp you may need to take medication for the pain, antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection, or anti-inflammatory to keep the swelling down. Some people need to return to their jobs quickly after the procedure and you will usually be fine to do this after a few days. You might experience the transplanted hair falling out two weeks after the operation, but sometimes this will be 3 weeks after. This will make space for the new hair to grow through and will usually take 8 to 12 months for this to happen. It’s all worth the wait! 

If you don’t take care of your head and scalp it won’t properly heal, so it’s essential to follow all the guidance and keep the area clean and protected. There is lots of advice online and you should be given tips and aftercare instructions after the operation as well. 

Is it all worth it? 

Getting a hair transplant will be so worth it if you don’t feel confident due to baldness. The fact the procedure is so fast and doesn’t have side effects for too long means you will be thankful. If the side effects do put you off, you can always talk to others who have had the operation about it and find reviews online. You don’t need to rush to do the operation, feel free to book it in when you’re ready. 

Are the side effects and symptoms after a hair transplant enough to put you off? We don’t think they should, just make sure you have time to rest after the procedure and listen to all the afterward advice you are given by your surgeon. If you don’t follow advice, this is when you could have a problem so aftercare is an important part of the procedure. 

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