Do You Keep Making the Same Mistakes in Your Relationships?

Have you ever asked yourself if you keep making the same mistakes in your relationships, but you are not quite sure exactly what you are doing? 

Reflecting on your past relationships can be a good start in understanding how you can improve in the future. You can find lots of help to guide you while conducting your evaluation. 

You can look up what you may want to learn concerning modern relationships since the world is becoming more open-minded to different types of people. 

Websites such as BetterHelp can provide helpful tips on getting over your past relationships and other similar topics. Collecting as much information as possible is a great way to learn of the mistakes you may be repeating in your relationships. 

Another step is to learn about the different kinds of mistakes someone may make in a relationship. Continue reading to learn more and discover what you can do to avoid repeating your mistakes if you suspect this is possible. 

Reflect on your past relationships

You can try improving on your mistakes by reflecting on past relationships. 

Some people move on without understanding how they fell out of love with their partner. Certain signs in the relationships may have been ignored in favor of moving forward.

While it can be important to avoid clinging to the past, you may want to consider evaluating your behavior in the relationship and how that, along with your partner’s attitude, may have led to a falling out. While thinking about failed relationships may feel painful in the moment, it could improve those in your future. In your next relationship, you can try to avoid those mistakes.

Listen to loved ones concerning your existing attitude

After reflecting on the past, think about consulting your loved ones and asking them if there is anything problematic in your behavior. 

The best answers will come from a place of love and honesty. If you have felt that you did not listen to your family before, try to approach them once more and earnestly express your desire to listen.

Sometimes we are blind to our own faults but our friends might see patterns that they don’t tell us about for fear of hurting feelings. Opening an honest dialogue could ultimately benefit you.

Practice changing your patterns

After listening, you may discover that you repeat patterns in each relationship. The patterns are described by Sigmund Freud as “the repetition compulsion.” Modern neuroscience supports Freud’s theory by explaining that, as part of a person’s psyche, if an individual does something over and over again, they will figure out how to make the unpleasant feeling go away. 

Of course, trying to alter one’s behavior is not a simple task, but knowledge of the harmful effects of your behavior and practices plus time can make it possible to break free. 

Try to listen to your family, understand the patterns you repeat, and attempt to create new, healthy patterns in your future relationships. 

Be open to change

Lastly, try new things that can help you sustain your future relationships along with adopting positive patterns. 

There is a chance in your past relationships that you may not have been open to the idea of compromising or understanding your partner’s perspective. 

However, being open to change requires you to learn who you are as a person and how you can better yourself, even it means exposing yourself to unpleasant parts of your own attitude.

Convincing yourself that you are doing nothing wrong or seeing something that needs to change but refusing to do so can halt your progress.

Practice being better

There is no such thing as being perfect. People are going to mess up all the time. But, you can always learn from your mistakes. 

Even if you feel like you messed up a past relationship, this is not necessarily a cause for alarm. Instead, try to understand what happened and, for your next relationship, try to behave like the person you wish to be for your loved one.

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