5 Smart Guide To Manage The Space In Your Living Room

Have you ever wondered how you can organize your living room to make it look like a photo from Pinterest? Well, all you need to know is a few fundamentals of interior designing. Organizing and maximizing the space in your living room can be tedious but an important job. The truth is, fixing your living room is more than just buying the furniture and placing them against the wall. This space is the first thing that your guests will see, and can make a lasting impression on what you are as a homeowner. But more than just the opinions of your guests, the first thing that you should consider is your preferences. 

How should you place your furniture in a small living room?

Contrary to popular belief, you can make a small living room cozy. But as mentioned, it can be tricky. You have to think about where to place the focal point, where is the specific area that you will be entertaining the guest, and how much space you are allocating for the traffic flow. If you are buying your furniture and designing from scratch, here are some tips that you should consider first before you start arranging. 
  1. Know your furniture needs

Before you plan where to place everything, list down all the things that you need first. To do this, you have to define what the purpose of your living room is. It is already a given that it is a room where you can entertain and chill. But aside from that, is it going to be a place where you’re going to work occasionally? Do you want a reading nook? How about the lighting? To get you started, some of the essentials that you need are the following: sofa, storage ottoman, lamp, coffee table, and a rug. 
  1. What is the size of the room? 

Of course, it would not be logical to get a full-sized couch if your space is limited. To be sure, try to check out the furniture that is fit for studio-type apartments. A love seat is often a great choice for tight spaces compared to a sectional couch. You can go for a minimalist style of room or maximize every square inch of it. Another thing you can do is to buy floating furniture so you can even use the vertical spaces of the room. For example, floating shelves and TV consoles.
  1. Add some illusions

The color of the room can give an illusion that it is spacious. Go for white or bright neutral colors that don’t hurt the eyes. Another way of creating the illusion is by hanging up big mirrors against the wall. A floor-length mirror expands your walls and breaks the visual clutter. If you place the mirror behind a light source, you can maximize the light’s reach. To add more depth, dark furniture makes a great contrast against white walls. For a more defined space, add a rug, but make sure that the size complements the furniture in the room. A big rug can give the illusion that your room is smaller. While a small rug can’t be visually appealing. Lastly, never block a light source with furniture. 
  1. Add other elements to accent the room

To add more flair and drama to your living room, you can add some elements to accent it. For more dimensions in your room, you can add a great painting. The cheapest way to add an accent is by adding pillows. If your couch and room follow neutral shades, you can add a pop of color with new pillows. Another thing that you can change is your curtain. To rotate the colors, you can match the curtains with the hues of the current season. If all else fails, you can experiment with plants and flowers.
  1. Get multifunctional furniture 

If you don’t have space, the best thing to do is invest in multipurpose furniture to make the room even more functional. For example, a storage ottoman bench doubles as a seat and a storage solution. By doing this, you will be able to save a few bucks. To expand the living room, you can merge it with your dining room. This technique is a common practice among minimalist homes. When integrating the two rooms, keep in mind that you should have a focal point to keep the cohesion of each room. This can be an artwork or a TV.

Make your personality shine!

By playing and experimenting with colors and shapes, you can let your personality shine throughout the room’s interior design. And to do this, you have to be strategic when it comes to where you are going to place your furniture and its elements to make it even cozier. For more living room inspiration, whether interior design or storage solutions, you can check out Storables online! 
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