How much does it cost to hire a locksmith?

Locksmith prices generally differ according to the services that they need to perform. There are standard pricing guides, but each locksmith company will still have its own price, and the general aim when you look for quotes would be to get the best-priced service from a reputable company.

The reputation of the company you choose should always precede the amount of money that you are paying for the service so consider that when looking for quotes. You will also need to consider someone who had great reviews online for all their services and not just typically changing locks on their own.

Prices will also differ depending on the amount of time spent on service so even if you’re just having a minor service done according to your specifications, but the time to complete it runs longer than it generally would you will still be held liable for the end cost.

Subsequent pricing

This means that you might be charged a lower rate than the original cost per hour if there is more than 1 hour of work that needs to be done by the locksmith. There is a general charge starting at £65 in and around the UK where the cost per hour could be reduced by up to half if you need to hire a locksmith for 2 or more hours.

This would still depend on the amount of work that needs to be done and is not an official price breakdown. These prices aren’t negotiable, but you should ask in case they have a particular pricing guide when you hire a locksmith for certain services like alarm installations, burglar prevention, or door hinge replacements.

Time Vs Charge

The time of day that you need to hire a locksmith can also impact the amount of money that you are going to pay for the service. Services during working hours would be the standard rate where there would be a different charge after 8 pm, as well as 12, am.

Not all locksmiths have this kind of pricing structure so again, it would be best to ask a few different places before settling on a company or locksmith. There are prices for the items that they use as well that don’t necessarily include the service to install or replace them. If you need new locks, the price for the lock will be different with an additional charge for the installation.

Although a locksmith has a typical service-related, tipping is not compulsory like it would be for waiters or the hair salon. You could however leave a tip if the locksmith came to assist you in the middle of the night and you would like to thank him for the trouble he’s gone to. This is not compulsory, but rather a courtesy recommendation especially if the service was done as an emergency in the middle of the night.

Remember to always give the most details you can when asking for quotes to prevent surprise costs and to find someone who is not only efficient but also affordable.

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