What Relationships Are Illegal

Love can be such a wonderful thing, and you never know where you will get it. You may meet your partner on one of the top dating sites, such as Dating Mentor. In other instances, you may bump into your dream partner in the office or even on the streets. 

But, do you know that in some instances, the love you share with your partner could fall under the illegal relationships category? Find out exactly what this means in our article below. 

What Does an Illegal Relationship Mean?

The definition of illegal relationships will vary from place to place. The simplest way to define illegal relationships would be any relationship that breaches set rules. Those in authority or positions of power may establish rules around dating and relationships.

Breaking such rules could land you in a lot of trouble, depending on the punitive measures they have put in place. So what are some of these illegal relationships?

  1. Adultery 

Adultery falls under illegal relationships after marriage. In some parts of the world, engaging in adultery is punishable by death. Countries like Nepal, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines view adultery as a criminal offense.

You will find that countries with a lot of religious influences are very strict on adultery. Yet, even a more liberal country like the United States has seven states where the offense is punishable in a civil court.

Even the definition of adultery varies from place to place.  In the Philippines, adultery is sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse. In Indonesia, being alone with someone of the opposite sex that you’re not married to is a criminal offense. In South Dakota, the aggrieved partner can sue the person who had an affair with their spouse.

In other places, there is a more liberal view of adultery. While few people will vocalize their endorsement, it happens without any repercussions.

  1. Dating At the Workplace

Are workplace relationships illegal? The answer may not be clear-cut, yes or no. It depends on the company and the rules they have around relationships.

Some companies may frown upon a manager dating subordinate staff. Others will not allow for any relationship whatsoever. When you break such rules, you may easily find yourself out of a job.

However, there are certain similarities in most companies with what some may consider illegal relationships. Sexual harassment is a big concern for many companies.

Someone in position could touch you inappropriately. Others insist on sexual favors for you to keep a job. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to report because they are afraid of the person involved.

The employer must ensure that such incidents do not occur; otherwise, they may be liable for the harassment. If the victim takes the company to court, you, as the employer, may face charges under vicarious liability laws. 

  1. Polyamorous Relationships

Why are polyamorous relationships illegal? Polyamorous relationships are illegal in some countries. Specific issues come into play when discussing polyamorous relationships:

  • In custody battles, such couples will typically lose custody of their children
  • Many organizations have morality clauses that define polyamorous relationships as illegal
  • Issues around adultery and bigamy come up when discussing such relationships 
  • Some states are very clear that a marriage can only exist between two individuals and not more

In places like Somerville, Massachusetts, on the other hand, the law recognizes polyamorous relationships. Other countries that allow it include Algeria, the Republic of Congo, Chad, Cameroon, and Egypt. A country like Gabon allows either gender to practice polygamy.

  1. What Constitutes Illegal Activities In A Partnership?

Illegal relationship stories abound everywhere you turn. There are, however, some things that the law recognizes as illegal in a relationship.  

Such include:

  • Denying your partner money, especially if you are the breadwinner
  • Constant put-downs or emotional battery
  •  Restricting your partner’s access to family or friends results in isolation
  • Frightening a partner in different ways like brandishing a gun, threats to kill or harm, and intimidation due to physical size
  • Tracking of a partner using spyware or other communication tools
  • Extreme jealousy and possessiveness resulting in constant accusations of infidelity
  • Forcing someone to obey rules
  • Controlling different aspects, such as clothing or where they go 
  1. Dating Below Age Of Consent

The age of consent is not set and may vary from country to country. In some places, anyone below the age of 18 is a minor in the eyes of the law. The range, however, typically varies from 14 to 18 years. Any sexual relationship below the age constitutes an illegal relationship.

  1. Dual Relationships

A dual relationship exists when a therapist and client have multiple interactions or roles.

Are dual relationships illegal? It depends on the circumstances. If it is nonsexual or does not lead to any harm or sexual exploitation, then it is not an illegal relationship. 

Illegal Relationship in Astrology

There are three signs of legal relationships in astrology. Such include:

  •       Threats of adultery if Saturn and Venus are together
  •       Illicit relationships when Venus, Saturn, and Mars combine in the 5th house
  •     An individual will adopt new methods for illicit relationships if Venus and Mercury are together
  •       Impending illegal relationships if Rahu and Mars are in Venus, among others.

How to Avoid Illegal Relationships

There are certain things you can do to avoid illegal relationships.

  • Learn the culture of a place so that you do not breach any rules
  • Become a better partner by working on yourself so that you do not do what would constitute an illegal activity in your partnership
  • Work on your marriage so that you do not develop a wandering eye
  • Seek professional help to overcome challenges in your relationship.


Illegal relationships occur in many forms, as we have highlighted above. Disengaging from such activities will help you stick to only healthy relationships with those you love.

Do you have any insights or stories you would like to share with us on illegal relationships? If yes, share it with us in the comments section below.

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