How to: Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle as a Student 

Many people consider their college years to be the best of their lives because they combine youth, novelty, and impressions. The first “adult” life issues, first love, first disappointment… all happened during this time.  

Exams and tests are replaced by group visits to the movies and the disco, and lectures are replaced by moonlight walks for several years. The only thing students don’t have enough time to consider is their health. They believe that medicines and sores are associated with the elderly, therefore they are presented with a flower along with their diploma… I’m not talking about flowers; I’m talking about illnesses.

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 The majority of students, according to experts, develop neurosis by their third year of college, which has a negative influence on their academic performance and attitudes toward one another, as well as chronic stress, which has a negative impact on their overall health. Isolation and aggressiveness are two extremes that might manifest themselves, among other ways.  

Unfortunately, not all facilities have psychologists on staff, and not everyone has the means to travel to a facility by themselves. What should you do in such a situation?  

It is important to alternate between different jobs in order to reduce mental strain. The brain can’t keep itself occupied for long periods of time without growing fatigued. The fact that you were distracted by eating is obviously a bonus; nevertheless, napping for 15 minutes is far better. At this point, both the intellect and the eyes are at ease with one another. 


Gastroenteritis is commonly referred to as “student’s sickness” for a reason. Almost everyone has stomach discomfort at the end of their educational career. As a result of an insufficient diet, this is arguably the most minor digestive ailment that might occur. Gallstones, pancreatitis, and stomach ulcers are among the conditions that can occur.

Furthermore, cleaning your hands before eating a sandwich on the fly is not always possible, and a serious sickness might enter your intestines as a result of eating the sandwich.  

Increase the frequency with which you eat. Indeed, in the absence of food, hydrochloric acid begins to destroy the mucosa of the stomach, causing it to rupture. Don’t forget to eat something for lunch; food acts as “fuel” for both the physical body and the mental body. Ideally, you should not eat for more than 4 hours between meals. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never miss breakfast!

The quality of the food is an important factor to consider. It is possible to find a cafeteria that provides hot meals if you are unable to carry food from home. A bowl of soup is the same price as a bun and a drink at the restaurant. Ensure that you make up for any lost time by eating regular home-cooked meals on a consistent basis. Oats will transform into a delectable stomach treat. 


Sitting for exams takes up most of my day. This allows lectures and seminars to be held while also allowing access to the library, computer work, or daily home preparations without requiring any movement. Indoors. Get up and walk around a lot during breaks; never sit at a desk for too long between lectures. Keep a constant eye on your alignment.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, having a straight back is good for your lungs and circulation. Spending a lot of time on the computer or reading is bad for your eyes, so take short breaks every 40 minutes.  

Don’t forget how important it is to get some fresh air every day. Reading and teaching are both permitted in the park. Any bench on the street will do. To begin with, keep your windows open as much as possible. Obsess over sports to the point of paranoia! The argument that it will be prohibitively expensive is a sham.

For the most part, major research institutions today offer gyms and other amenities to their students. Performing the fundamental exercises at home might suffice if there aren’t any available nearby. Dancing to your favorite music is also beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. 


If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll end up feeling like a punching bag for the rest of the day. And the greatest sleep is achieved if it begins before 12 a.m. As a result, you must retire before the clock strikes twelve. Then you’ll be content, and nothing will be able to slip through your fingers. 


Stressful circumstances and nerve injury may result if the procedure is performed at the wrong time. Furthermore, as the adage goes, problems must be dealt with as they arise. First and first, you must deal with more important concerns without delaying their resolution until the last possible moment, while various types of entertainment and social events may be postponed if necessary.

Consider the following scenario: if you were asked to write an English examination three days before it was due, you should begin writing it immediately rather than waiting until the last minute. On the contrary, if you are assigned to write a philosophy essay, you should begin working on it immediately. As a consequence, it is possible to earn a higher grade while also saving a great deal of stress. 


Another piece of advice that is modest but really essential. Your body needs hydration, which is something that the majority of people do not have. Make use of the water filling stations situated across campus, and carry a refillable bottle with you to fill and drink from during the course of the day. 


A student, on the other hand, cannot function well without some form of amusement. Take a break from studying with friends at a café, go to the movies, or simply walk around for a few minutes to relieve tension, recharge with new energy, and feel good. It can even be helpful to go away from your studies for a while to recharge your batteries and feel good. 


Of course, we’re talking about enjoyable, effective communication here. As a consequence, a relaxing evening with friends may be just what you need to get through the remainder of the week.

Not to mention nonverbal communication techniques like hugging, embracing, and shaking hands, which are all important. Because all of this is helpful to our mental and physical well-being, we choose to communicate with one another through social media. Networks enable real-time communication to take place. 


It looks that this is the case… Additionally, this is really crucial. If you master the method of diaphragmatic breathing, you will be able to manage your psycho-emotional state, calm down in a stressful situation, slow down the aging process, get rid of acne, and do a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, we all have moments when we “forget” to breathe! Yes, absolutely, for example, when we are completely concentrated. The brain is in desperate need of oxygen at this stage. 

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