Mediation is a good alternative to the family court in the modern realities of divorce. Using such services, you can reduce the risk of stressful situations, save money and maintain relationships with your ex-spouse. As you know, a family court is a place where it is difficult to stay in good relations with a spouse. And if you have a child, it is better to try to maintain friendly relations.

Mediation creates favorable conditions for solving many issues that are controversial and create many subsequent problems. Such an expert provides compromises to smooth out all the sharp corners of a divorce.

If you decide to use such a service, you should also think about the help of an attorney. This expert is needed not only to file for divorce. Today, filing for divorce without a lawyer is not a problem. It is enough to go to the site and get professional divorce help.

Often, the services of a mediator are not enough, since the spouses do not receive legal consultation. When there are a lot of controversies, you simply cannot do without an attorney!

Moreover, it is vital that each of the spouses has their own lawyer in the early stages of mediation. Thus, the work of a mediator and lawyers will be as effective as possible.

Be Open

Since the mediator will not provide legal advice and work in the interests of the two parties, it will be difficult for you to get the desired outcome. But the lawyer will act in your interests and will help you with many issues.

Hence to achieve this, you need to clearly indicate to the lawyer what you want and provide all the necessary materials. Therefore, be honest to get the desired outcome.

Develop a Strategy

Before each meeting with a mediator, you need to meet with a lawyer and get a so-called action plan. The specialist will explain to you the legal side of each issue and how best to resolve this issue regarding your interests. The lawyer will also clarify whether your expectations may become reality or not.

Many spouses even when meeting with mediators require impossible things and, ultimately, negotiations do not end successfully. We can say that a lawyer will land you on the ground when it’s necessary. It can’t be that one part gets everything and the other – nothing. Unluckily, many need the help of a lawyer to understand this obvious fact.

Get Ready to Compromise

As many couples would not like, the process of mediation requires being able to compromise. Sometimes the mediator’s forces are not enough to lead the spouse to a common opinion. Usually, one spouse can insist on his own and slows down negotiations. Thus increasing the cost of intermediary services.

The lawyer will help to come to a reasonable decision and explain to the spouses all the nuances from the legal side. Perhaps only in this way, the spouses will be able to quickly come to a common decision and thereby not be in a difficult situation from a legal point of view.

Also, the lawyer will be able to brainstorm in order to come up with non-standard solutions, which can then be used for meetings with the mediator. This approach is also used by mediators, but when the issue is resolved with the support of legal knowledge, decisions can be much more effective.

Tips on How to Choose a Lawyer

Your first consultation should be as successful as possible. The initial consultation should fully answer the question of whether this expert is suitable for you or not.

Most couples come to an office without preparation, and most lawyers use this with the help of general phrases that he will solve all your problems, coffee, and nothing specific. After which you nod your head in confidence and leave to prepare for a divorce without specifying many significant issues. To avoid this, make the following questions and ask the lawyer to provide answers:

  • What is your professional experience and how many winning cases do you have?
  • How does communication take place, are telephone consultations paid or not?
  • What are the initial steps in a divorce?
  • What documents need to be prepared throughout the divorce? Can you provide a complete list right away?
  • How to work with a mediator to achieve the maximum effect?

These questions are the starting point for working with a legal expert. If the attorney provides you with detailed answers and provides a list of all the documents at once, then your case will move forward effectively.

When the lawyer answers your questions, you will understand whether such a specialist is suitable for you or not. If he cannot provide answers to many questions, then most likely you should look for another candidate.

By the way, most of the initial consultations are free, since many expect that the client will not ask any specific questions. Feel free to conduct a so-called casting for specialists, because they will not work for you for free!

If you decide to use the help of a mediator, then think in parallel about finding a suitable lawyer. Perhaps the services of both specialists will cost you much cheaper than just the services of one mediator. Since mediation meetings can drag on for a long time without the help of a lawyer. And in the end, the check may not be small, and legal issues will remain open!

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