The booming market of CBD products for pets has created a furor among pet parents worldwide. The plethora of choices for CBD pet products can often confuse a first-time buyer.

If you are unsure about buying this natural medication for your pet, it is advisable to talk to a vet. These experts are most helpful in guiding you in choosing premium quality CBD products for your pets.

How Can a Vet Help in Choosing the Right CBD Pet Product?

A recent Forbes article mentioned the new US FDA Veterinary Medicine warning on unregulated CBD pet products in the market. These products contained an incorrect dosage of CBD recommended for pet animals.

Therefore, talking to a vet before administering CBD to your pet is crucial. Below are the main reasons for consulting a vet:

1.     They Know Your Pet’s Health Condition – Your regular pet doctor must have a thorough knowledge of your pet’s medical history. But if your pet is presently under treatment for any medical condition, the vet will help find the right CBD oil that does not interfere with the current treatment. Your pet’s height and weight, breed, and the severity of the health condition can help the vet suggest the right kind of CBD oil.

2.     They Can Suggest the Right Method of Medication – CBD oil is used to treat different kinds of diseases in animals. These include anxiety disorder, kidney diseases, heart problems, cancer, epilepsies, pain and inflammation, and arthritis. Your vet can choose the appropriate method to give CBD oil to treat these issues naturally. For example, if your feline friend suffers from seizures, you can give CBD oil tinctures from droppers or give capsules. If your cat is fussy about eating, your vet may suggest options like mixing it with their favorite food. Placing the capsule under the tongue is one of the best ways to give CBD medication because it mixes with the blood directly and shows instant results.

3.     They Can Suggest the Right Frequency of Medication – If you talk to a vet about CBD pet products, they can advise you about the proper frequency of medication. For example, if you use CBD oil for pain and inflammation, it is advisable to give the medicine every 8 hours to get relief. Anxiety disorder is seen in animals if you plan to take them out, leave them alone, light fireworks, move to a new location, long drive, appointment with a vet, or thunderstorms. In such cases, you must give the medicine 30 minutes before the event to ensure your pet remains calm and sober.

4.     They Can Help to Choose a Product Based on its Ingredients – A veterinarian is better positioned to analyze the Certificate of Analysis (COA) printed on a CBD product label. Hence, they can explain to pet owners the scientific significance of the product. As a new buyer, you may not be aware of how CBD will react to your pet. And a vet will shed some light on how CBD binds with the endocannabinoid system and helps restore balance in the animal’s body.

Thus, a vet can help you choose an organic, pesticide-free, and full-spectrum CBD oil for your pets which will help procure maximum benefits and stop the deterioration of health in your canine and feline friends.

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