Can I Grow Medicinal Marijuana Indoors?

Ever since California first legalized medical marijuana 25 years ago, the interest in cannabis in the United States has continuously grown. Now there are 36 states and Washington D.C. that have legalized cannabis for medical use. Furthermore, about half of the states where medical cannabis is legal also allow patients to grow their own cannabis plants.

Over the past decade, indoor growers have become the choice cultivation method among professional cannabis cultivators. However, can you grow your own medical cannabis indoors? Continue reading to get the answer to that question and many more.

Can you grow your own cannabis indoors?

As you just read, indoor growers have become the most popular way for marijuana cultivators to grow their marijuana seeds. However, most beginners choose to grow their plants outside and allow Mother Nature to do the heavy lifting. Many of them don’t even know that cannabis seeds can be grown indoors.

So, can you grow your own weed seeds in an indoor grower? The short answer is yes. However, growing marijuana seeds indoors requires more care than growing outdoors, and a larger investment as well.

Is it better to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors?

Another question many cannabis patients have is whether it’s better to grow their weed seeds indoors or outdoors. However, how much work and capital you’re willing to invest in cultivating your seeds determines the answer to that question.

Objectively speaking, an indoor grower is the best way to ensure the quality and yield of your plants. Growing your cannabis seeds outdoors subjects them to the elements like bad weather and pests. However, growing indoors enables you to control everything from the climate and CO² levels to the type of lighting and nutrients.

What do you need for an indoor grower?

Homeowners who choose to grow weed seeds indoors have a lot of equipment to purchase and maintain to achieve optimal results. It’s best to have an experienced cultivator manage every step of your setup, from finding the right LED lights to building a hydroponic system.

The most important things to remember when creating the environment for your indoor grower are lighting, temperature, and humidity. You definitely need to make sure your HVAC system is up to par before you begin planting cannabis seeds. In fact, it would be a good idea to schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC contractor.

One of the benefits of having an HVAC maintenance plan is you no longer have to remember to get your HVAC system serviced. Furthermore, most contractors offer discounts to customers on how to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Lastly, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your home stays comfortable and your plants have an optimal climate.

Where can you find the best cannabis seeds?

Another common problem for beginners is where to buy marijuana seeds. You can’t go to your local home and garden store and ask for white widow or gorilla glue cannabis seeds as if they’re regular herbs.

The best way to shop for seeds is through online seedbanks. One of the benefits of purchasing your marijuana seeds from seedbanks is you get to look through curated online catalogs of seeds. You can choose between different strains of indica and sativa cannabis plants—you can even choose between high THC and high CBD strains. Additionally, most seedbanks offer discreet shipping, and you may even be able to get free shipping on orders of cannabis seeds over a certain dollar amount.

How long does it take cannabis seeds to grow into marijuana plants?

Another one of the many benefits of growing plants indoors versus outdoors is that it doesn’t take as long for seedlings to become healthy cannabis plants. In fact, your plants may be mature in as little as three months, but you can allow them to grow for up to five months if you want larger cannabis plants.

Indoors is the best place to grow your cannabis seeds for several reasons. Even though it’s more expensive and labor-intensive than outdoor growing, getting larger yields and more potent plants in a shorter timespan makes it all worth it.

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